To the car to do maintenance, we do not want to pay someone to care, brush yourself all right?

Whether driving or not driving, you should’ve heard the phrase, opened affordable Car could not afford Cars. The so-called not afford Cars, partly because of rIsing oil prices, can not afford to add oil; on the other hand it Is because, after the Car drove for some time, need to go to 4S shop maintenance, each maintenance cost Is not low. Although every time in the 4S shop maintenance Will be very expensive, but there Will be a full and complete record 4S shop maintenance, general maintenance Is recorded in your shop Will be finIshed 4S, which Will increase the selling price you get when you buy a Car of the future. If you own Is not bad money, 4S shop can buy peace of mind. For the first time maintenance, it Is recommended to go 4S shop. Because usually the first insurance free of charge. If it Is, then a new Car within the warranty period, you can also consider going 4S shop. During the warranty period on time if you go to maintenance, vehicle manufacturers if there Is a quality problem was free to help you repair. If it Is out of warranty, I feel 4S shop Is too expensive, you can choose to do it yourself or DIY repair shop Will do, no special fascination and believe original pieces. Here note, select the repair shop, you must go fly a repair shop they can trust. If it yourself, then spend more money bought a little oil. When the 20,000 km, 40,000 km thIs need major maintenance time, it Is recommended to go 4S shop. ThIs requires major maintenance for your Car to conduct a comprehensive inspection, repair shop Is a lot of checks in no way satIsfied.

can go to the warranty period, a simple oil filter change, to leave a maintenance record. Something which Is not good, but too expensive. And others before the Car virtually scratch a bit, then go to 4s repair shop, they said less manpower bit busy, so I had a few days to go pick up the Car. Shortly before that time drove a bit silly on the back. Take complete Car did not double-check. Later, the Car wash was found hidden under the Carpet gave me four or five screws, the trunk lid above a little bent. Then I called to ask 4s shop, also in front of my Car virtually scratch, paint it, put the front bumper replaced at most, you give me to the Carpet in the possession of four or five screws in the end Is torn down where equipment I Will not go back? They say you pick up the Car did not find it a problem and we are does not matter. FML, or those older drivers are right, the Car maintenance and repair should always staring, absolutely can not leave overnight.

1 km replace the oil filter maintenance 5000-10000 (total synthesIs of semi-synthetic 5000-7000 7000-10000)

2 air filter 10,000 km replacement 3 air filter 10,000 km replace 4 km replace the fuel filter 20000-40000 (external) 60,000 km replacement (built-in) The spark plug 5 Is generally 40,000 km replacement 6 gearbox oil (Automatic transmIssion ) 20000-40000 km replace the 7 gearbox oil (manual transmIssion) 40000-60000 km replace the 8 brake fluid 2 years or 40,000 km replace 9 steering oil 40,000 km replace 10 antifreeze coolant 3 years or 50,000 km replace 11 brakes ships replacement check (dIsc brake) 12 tires at about 40,000 km in general 4 -6 ten thousand kilometers check and replace the battery 13 Is generally of 2 – 3 years to replace