To run the car Is not bad, five maintenance tips to keep in mind! Older drivers: at least 8 years without major repairs!

now Is to have a Car as long as late as the owner Will have to worry about maintenance, even a lot of owners Will buy a lot of maintenance of books, it Is to allow the Car to accompany their longer. Maintenance Is not only a waste of energy thing, it Is a waste matter of money, many owners spend big money on maintenance, but deviated from the normal direction, so just wasted a lot of money but did not get the desired effect, there Some owners spend only a small amount of money, the Car and the new. So today’s article Xiao Bian teach you some maintenance Cheats, whether you are a novice driver or the old driver, just follow Xiao Bian said so, the Car basically no major problems.

Note that the first point of the oil replacement interval, the oil for a Car of the role of self-evident, many owners do Care, they also make maintenance members focus on checking the oil, to replace the timing of the owners Will choose the oil to be replaced. The oil can to lubricate and cool the Car played a role in cleaning, if a lack of oil on the Car, then the Car there Will be a big problem. For the replacement time of oil a variety to choose from, for example, we Will choose to replace at 10,000 km, when once, and some people Will choose to be replaced twice a year, these are the need to select their own quality of the oil, if the oil quality Some may be better late replacement, if the oil quality Is poor need to be replaced in advance.

Point 2 always check the Car battery. Some Car music, Car navigation, and so on all the Cars are relying on a Car battery, and if your battery Is not charged, the Car can not start properly. Many novice drivers often ignore the check on the battery, so it Will not Carry out maintenance. Xiao Bian here to remind everyone to focus, must take thIs step to do, usually when nothing went to look at the color of the battery, if the dIsplay Is green so very normal, if it Is black Description loss of electricity has been hidden dangers, if white may need to be replaced. It has a viewing window on the battery, the observation window to observe the current state of the battery and color, to the time we can choose whether to replace the line based on the color from.

3 point inWhen replacing the spark plugs, spark plug ignition mainly to play a role in the Car, if there Is no replacement for a long time, first Car ignition Will often fail, not even direct ignition. After the spark plug and in use for a long time, Will be above the coke, then the pressure Will make your Car becomes larger, and the Car’s fuel consumption Will increase, so the timing Is necessary to replace the spark plug. To run the Car Is not bad, five maintenance tips to keep in mind! Older drivers: at least 8 years without major repairs! Here small to give us advice Is 30,000 km to replace a spark plug, and small series suggest that you have to check it monthly usage of the spark plug, the spark plug if we find there have been serious wear and tear, it Is best to send the Car to the garage, and let the master give you full maintenance check, if it Is determined to be replaced would not have dIstressed some money.

Point 4 regular maintenance of brake fluid, brake fluid Automobile mentioned, many people first thought Is that the brake system Is indeed the case, the Car the oil has a lot of important, in addition to oil the most important thing Is brake fluid, brake fluid also play the role of lubrication, and can effectively prevent wear of brake pads. If the loss of brake fluid or brake fluid Is not replaced for a long time it Will directly affect the braking system, brake failure maybe the situation Will appear. So here we must remind Xiao Bian brake oil changed regularly, of course, it Is best not replaceable in the house, the Car factory for repair master to help you make maintenance operations.

Point 5 regular replacement of antifreeze, antifreeze mention, many owners first thought Is to use in the winter time, but in fact, in the summer, antifreeze use liquid Is also very extensive. In the winter when the Car antifreeze can prevent freezing, and in the summer antifreeze can play a role in cooling the engine. So we usually have to go check the antifreeze case whether there Is a mIssing, if the capacity Is too small, suggest that you send as soon as the Car repair workshop, timely replacement of antifreeze. But before the onset of winter, be sure to replace the summer of antifreeze antifreeze in winter, summer, remember not to use antifreeze in the winter time, or that the use of antifreeze in winter, summer, two different antifreeze effect .

to tell you more of thIs 5:00Very important, which Is a lot older drivers when maintenance Will require maintenance engineer focused on a few places to check. Hopefully after reading thIs article, whether novice drivers or older drivers have years of driving experience these points in mind, usually when nothing more than their own check, to replace the timing must go to replace, although replacement of these things need to spend a few hundred dollars, but can be a few hundred dollars in exchange for a Car several years of companionship, thIs Is a very cost-effective deal. Some drivers may also have up to now not to be looked down on Car maintenance, replacement Car never go to oil, also never to do maintenance to the engine or oil, so that the consequences of Automobile damage, as well as the lives of the owners can not protection. So after reading thIs article, I hope you must take the time to correct wrong ideas, good practice must go to study the matter for you Is how to treat it? You usually like when it comes to the maintenance of which part to maintain it?