Tires Maintenance Tips

As the saying goes: a thousand miles begins with one step, like shoes, Car tires, its state Is directly related to driving safety Car. But many owners are more trouble, how to tire maintenance, pay attention to what? ThIs Is indeed a problem, many people feel that as long as the tire did not burst, to have to use, it does not take the only change. ThIs approach Is wrong, we must learn to Care Is the last word, the following give you about how Care should be under Car tires

routine tire maintenance seven recommendations :

1, check the tire pressure regularly:

all at least once in the case of cooling the tire pressure per month, including the spare . If the gas pressure reducing too fast, must promptly investigate the cause. Such as whether there Is pinned, cut, valve rubber aging and cracking.

2, to avoid hits an obstacle:

When traveling at high speed, such as tires and other obstacles impact potholes, tires cause extrusion serious obstacle between the hub and the flange, which may cause the Carcass cord off the sand, the sand off from the inside of the tire Is formed from the top bulge. If there Is an obstacle ahead, well in advance of the reaction, avoid direct hits an obstacle, if it can not be avoided, to try to slow down through. In particular the low aspect ratio tire.

3, tire wear to the wear indicator, should stop using:

of the tread groove depth remaining positions with 1.6mm wear signs, signs point when the tire wear, tire must be replaced. Use more than signs of wear and tear on the tires on slippery road driving very dangerous. Because, when the drainage performance of the tire has been greatly reduced.

4, and positioning a wheel balance:

If the wheel uneven wear, such as excessive wear of the tire shoulder portion to the other tread or a jiggle the vehicle in motion, which could be bad wheel alignment or an unbalanced due. ThIs situation Will not only shorten tire life, and Will affect the steering of the vehicle. Periodic inspection of the wheel setPosition and balance.

5, to prevent sunlight, oil, Carbon oxides acid damaging the tire:

Since the tire rubber Is, therefore during traveling, stopping, or storing the tire must be taken to avoid oil and chemicals, an acid, Carbon oxides and other contacts, which Will cause corrosion, deformation, softening phenomenon. Recommended that the vehicle Is parked in a cool place away from direct sunlight parking.

6, the tire position adjusting:

Since elements of the drive wheel and steered wheel position, etc., before and after the wear of the tire Is not the same. For optimal tire wear situation and longer service life. Tire-aligning Is a must. Tire-aligning need to follow certain rules to Carry out, to the best professional maintenance point processing.

7, develop good driving habits

driving habits thIs thing which Is related directly with the owners of factors, starting too fast, suddenly steering, emergency braking, high-speed driving on a bad road lots, often up and down the road when parking along the tire rubs and obstacles can cause severe tire wear, which Is a lot of women owners often dry thing, to develop good tire driving habits Is the most direct and effective method of maintenance.

In everyday driving, we should pay more attention to tire of my Car preventive measures. In addition there Is also a shelf life of tires, there Will be four digits marked on the sidewall of the tire date of manufacture of tires, representative of the first two weeks, the last two represent the year. The use of tires generally do not exceed three years, mileage no more than 60,000 km. According to thIs standard recommends that Car owners to replace the tires of the Car, to replace coaxial with replacement tires, we recommended to choose silence, wear, comfort and good tires.