Tires do not need maintenance? Do not wait for it to give you refuse to work

Hello everyone, today we went on to say those things tire on the tire we have already said a lot of dry content, many of my friends have been secretly collections up, and share with friends around him. We all have heard of “a thousand miles begins with a single step” proverb, Automobile tires also apply to thIs sentence. We only have enough for their Car tires love and Care, he can feel free to give us security and convenience, and to ensure that critical moment does not give you refuse to work. So we usually need to know more about tire maintenance methods and daily checks to ensure the tire has been in a safe and proper working condition.

First of all we need to develop from time to time at any time check the tire pressure of habit. Although now there are many Cars are equipped with a tire pressure monitor. But no Car tire pressure monitor, or the tire pressure sensor fails, then we need to master thIs knowledge, in order to be able to use at any time. Due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, summer and winter tire pressure we need to deal with the differences. But also within a reasonable range.

Now each Car has its own tips labeled with standard air pressure, generally in the inner surface of the door, but also in the B-pillar of the following . Including the spare tire pressure, we can not ignore, can not use the spare tire, the ball dropped and it Is not to face, so you embarrassing.

The second point Is to regularly check the tire tread wear. The front of me an essay has been said before, Is to ensure that the pattern thickness of the tread must be greater than 1.6 mm, the only national standard, often run high speed or long-dIstance friends make sure to check the tread thickness when thIs value to stay some room. The most direct way Is to look at the ground to see the wear marks on the tires. If the mark Is flush with the tread ground, then quickly contact replacement tires.

The third Is the need to check and clean things entrained within the tread. Careful observation of friends all know, there Will be a tire with a long gravel and other debrIs mixed in the shredded tire tread. If we do not let the clean-up, tire grip and friction becomes smaller and at the same timeIt can also cause a puncture, poor drainage, pose a safety hazard. So these stones or early detection of adverse clean out as soon as possible.

The fourth point Is about the transposition of the tire, I suggest you here once every 10,000 km on the transposition of tires and wheel alignment. When performing the tire rotation, the general Car precursor required by the first transposition cross manner, when the second transposition, the transposition between front and back may be employed. If four-wheel drive or rear-drive vehicle, it can only be exchanged in accordance with the tire cross manner. There are some tire marks above the rolling direction, then it can only before and after the exchange.

Finally, we conduct routine inspections of the time, also need to pay attention to whether there are cracks on the sidewall of the tire, and the number of crack Is serious. Anyway tire of any of the above abnormal phenomenon have caused you enough attention, you do not pay attention to it, he Will give you refuse to work.