Tire selection and maintenance

Tires are consumables, but also parts of the Car and the only contact with the road surface, Is critical for safe driving! The life of the tire Is generally 5-10 million km, the life of 3–5 years. Whichever comes first replace the standard. So how to change tires when tire choice, what are the considerations? Here to share with you.

1, original tire priority

priority original specifications of the vehicle tires, the tire factory It Is the best and the Car speed and the Car’s maximum load, so in theory, should give priority to replace the tires. If satIsfied with respect to all aspects of handling, noIse, comfort the original tires, etc., then consider when to change tires or tire factory. If you are not satIsfied with the choice of other tires. You can select several aspects of handling, comfort, tire wear and other upgrades.

2, tire tread

on the vehicle tire tread, in addition to the function as an aesthetic addition, the performance of the tire Is also great Impact. You need to follow your own Car environment to consider the pattern of the tire. Focus control can be selected sneakers tires, pay attention to comfortable You can silence tires, fuel consumption can choose to focus on energy-saving tires. Specific tire and staff point of explanation, it Will recommend the right tires according to your needs.

3 different brands can not be mixed

in the choice of tires when we must pay attention, do not put mix different brands of tires, because different brands of tire tread, performance Is still a difference. Mix can cause abnormal tire wear, vehicle handling, braking Will also be affected. Prone to accidents. When changing tires with a tire replacement as the best coaxial.

4, can not change a tire size

Some prefer modified owners Will choose then replace the flat lower than, tire wider tires. However, wider tires, wheels, the greater the resIstance Will increase fuel consumption, tire noIse also become large. Tire conversion to a professional tire shop requires modification, and the need to consider the following factors: 1. Local Traffic Ordinance (does not affect the CarBy inspection vehicle, the vehicle warranty, etc.); 2. the tire speed and load index; 3. rim specifications.

maintenance of tires should start from what

1, check the tire pressure regularly

the air pressure affects the life of the tire. Tire pressure tires Will deform too stretched, the Carcass decreased flexibility, increase in the traveling load Cars. Low tire pressure Is increased so that the ground area of ​​the tire, the tire Is abnormal heat generation and increased wear of the sidewall. Therefore, regularly check the tire pressure to better ensure traffic safety.

2 Follow tire tread depth

Typically the thickness of the tread Is greater than 1.6 mm, tire tread badly worn tires must be promptly replaced. Tire tread crack Is an important sign of aging, in the daily vehicle maintenance, be sure to observe the tire for cracks.

3, foreign matter such as pebbles tire cracks

In Automobiles running, Will inevitably be stuck in the gravel in the tread. Tires in the gravel Card, in a moving vehicle Will sound, cacophonous. In addition, gravel Is a tire killers, scratch the tire, causing traffic safety threat.

4, bulge

the tire surface protrusion appears that the description of the replacement tire. If the possibility of a sudden burst of prolonged use of drum kits you tire, the tread area of ​​insufficient strength occurred great, so the tire must be replaced immediately.