Tire maintenance tips, so repairman tell you, take a look

In today’s high-speed development of our society, we can find our pace of life Is constantly increases. In daily life, we can see that with the continuous development of technology, economic level rIsing around us there are more and more people have to buy a Car of their own private Cars.

then the year before the purchase of vehicles, most of us do not pay too much attention to vehicle maintenance or repair, etc., because thIs time it Is the latest phase of the vehicle, the Car Is very convenient to use them, but after a year we Will find a new problem that the vehicle always be some things we had not repair a small problem, but the Car’s appearance Is no longer as before Like, the structure of the new Car’s interior can often mIstakes. So after we buy a Car to its conservation, etc. in its first time. For these problems, we have to very seriously, because if we ignore the attitude to take, then the life of our vehicles Will be greatly reduced. He said so much, in short, Is a word, if you want to be able to use the time hIs Car too long, it has been very easy to use and comfortable, then you have frequent periodic maintenance inspection conservation in their daily lives . You maintain good, then your Car Will be able to accompany you for a long period of time.

In fact, in terms of Car maintenance, etc., most of us are not very professional knowledge, so usually relatively ignored some minor problems with the Car, like on he said the problem of tire rotation. After we buy a Car we must learn through their own efforts, some knowledge about the Car. We’ll know after a certain mileage Cars, we must Carry out Car tires replaced. For thIs standard mileage we can look at some professionals or some of the more experienced, older drivers Is how to dIscuss it?

a certain extent, the majority of new drivers may not know what the concept of the vehicle after the purchase of the replacement Car tire position Yes. If you replace the position of the tires, he may mask a two, then looked confused you. Contrary to what most of them a lot more experienced drivers are aware, also Will be on hIs CarTire replacement, when the time reaches a certain mileage. In fact, when the tire transposition Is mainly based on the degree of our tire wear, as well as these two aspects mileage standards, and generally our Car four tires at the same mileage, due to the stress and other problems that may wear it different, so during replacement time, generally can not be replaced.

When we were in the Car turns, our front tire force may be a little serious, so it’s wear relative to the two rear tires , the degree of wear to be more serious. When we found our Car wear has been very serious, we must timely replacement of the tire, so that you can extend the life of our Cars, we reduce the cost of Car maintenance takes. After replacing the tire and also easy to make our Cars more smoothly. We are in the process of moving, give us create a safer driving environment.

opened for some many years old driver, replace the tires for them it Is already a commonplace thing. In the tire there are exceptions, if our Car tires are snow tires, then for these tires generally do not need to replace the position. But with the snow tires the contrary, if our Car Is four-wheel, then it certainly would not wear the same, so we can put it front and rear two tires replacement click on it.

Of course, from the above we can know the replacement Car tire, there Is a mileage standard, it Is generally when the vehicle mileage reaches about ten thousand km time it’s wear, we can see with the naked eye. So when a Car’s mileage of miles when replacing the tires for the Car Is a better choice. After reading thIs article, I believe you to thIs Automotive replacement tires have a certain degree of understanding, then the next time when you want to replace the tires of a Car, thIs can help you.