Tire maintenance Is required, it Is necessary to change the tires on it? Old driver to tell you the answer!

First of all, as a vehicle tire and Auto parts in direct contact with the ground, its health Is directly related to our traffic safety. Secondly, we in vehicle maintenance time, on a regular basIs to get the tires were switched in order to ensure traffic safety, the answer Is yes, tire swap Is necessary, and even some on vehicle maintenance book clearly points out the tire after traveling a certain dIstance change. As they are most of the former front-drive life experience, more quality front, and both front wheels as driving wheels and a steering wheel, so after a period of use front wheel wear Is more serious than the rear, even as turn left and right turn Will lead to different frequencies around the wheel wear different. To give the tires wear evenly, and to be able to extend tire life, tires regularly swap Is necessary.

Because the weight of the body Is not divided equally among the four tires, often helps to ensure uniformity of transposition absolute tire wear, thereby extending the life of the tire . Usually front-wheel drive vehicles per 8,000 km should be done with transposition, while the four-wheel drive vehicle Is required transposition in every 6,000 km. If proper tire rotation, tire wear can make more uniform, extend tire life, and to provide better handling performance throughout the life cycle of the tire. The first tune of the most important vehicle tires, adjust the tire inflation pressure when the tires must comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

But some owners did not have to: The main reason Is people do not seek to save, but to the pursuit of safety first One. The pursuit of hassle. In fact, interest swap out tires to bring small and has far too little of the evils. In the past, it Is necessary to change. In particular trucks, it must be swapped. That Is mainly because the Car was precious, individuals and units to save, to pursue the maximization of economic benefits. Some Car now, a year can not run many roads. A few years later, the Car and the tires quite new, what commutation? What Is more, some people are good conditions point, a few years, even the Cars are new ones, but also for what tire?

If your Car has uneven wear or deviation phenomenon, or go honestly do wheel alignment. Normally, home wear tire strength in four years, 50,000 publicIn thIs, are not up to the extent of becoming a security rIsk, time Is the key factor in the use of attention. And regularly check the tire pressure and whether high-speed front tire damage thIs habit Is much more meaningful than an occasional exchange tire position. Most flat tire and tire air pressure change Is negligent injury.

If your little Car Is four-wheel drive, there Is no need to change a tire, most Cars are front-wheel drive, front wheels easily worn, if you want to save costs, with no front wheels fast, and put two back wheels and front wheels on the exchange behind the wheels of the Car almost does not matter. And then wait until the front wheel Is completely worn out, then replace with four wheels are much cheaper.