Tire maintenance care, those things you should know

you friends Hello, everyone! Xiao Bian again to share your lovely exciting content with you, along with the steady improvement of our living standards, we are open every household on the Car, the Car we test a driver’s license Will be opened, but the vehicle was routine maintenance not very understanding, do not know the rational use of the vehicle, causing the vehicle above the common parts of life was significantly shortened, especially in the use and maintenance of tires, so Xiao Bian today to share with you tire maintenance Care, that you should You know something .

First, we first need to note that our vehicles to buy home when, in fact, are precIsely detect store, under normal circumstances, the indicators vehicles are the eligibility criteria, so we put everyone in the Car to go home, do not need to over-on accessories much to worry about, but some people may feel that they Will always buy a Car tire air Is not very full, in fact, there are a lot of vehicle tires Is a low-pressure tires, appearance, always the same as the gas shortage, so give charge inflated tire air pressure would have on not too high, plus they own the gas shortage does not exIst, so the meaning but mIsguided, Will tire to charge the drum.

outside thIs mIstake caused by lack of knowledge of the vehicle Is removed, it Will usually make a small mIstake in the case of particularly fast rate laid down a bumpy road, may at first you may feel nothing, in fact, the damage to the tire Is great, and not only the tires on the rims also have some damage, because the tires very quickly of these potholed place Is very vulnerable to injuries drum kits or directly broken, it Is recommended that you try to avoid the bad road, or when driving in such a way, it slows the travel speed of the vehicle, not too fast.

tire In order to increase the vehicle’s grip Will cook a variety of patterns, but these patterns Will not be the possession of a number of foreign objects like stones, it needs people to drive us, from time to time to check, if it Is convenient, put these smallStones and other things cleaned up, the way you can check these things do not tie our tires bad, after all, some hard object a long time Will certainly be prejudicial to the tire on the tire, so little effort things, we always pay attention look like.

Still another if we need to drive our vehicles for a long time with words for our vehicle tires, it Is recommended that you do not put too heavy things in the Car, which no doubt increased the burden on the tires, it Is clear that the greater the load the Car, the greater the damage to the tires, so it Is not necessary try not to use things casually stuffed into the Car, these are real component, in fact we need a vehicle with four wheels and tires wore consumed.

In addition to these daily maintenance need to be aware of conservation, the actual driving operation Is also to be noted , for example in our lives when we must avoid driving off the vehicle’s emergency brake suddenly, thIs operation Will tire ground gravity and friction, high temperature, resulting in damage to the tires, and with the temperature of the tire increases, even high temperature burn tires, a serious direct puncture, thIs situation had also wounding of cases occur. If thIs operation Is often the case, its life Is not very long.

those tires or hazardous areas requiring attention of small series to begin with so much to share with you today , finIshing these belong not much technical content, more direct ways, of course, Cars and body parts in order to extend the life of not only need our love, we also need time to check the maintenance of professional place, not everything can deal with their own, in addition to friends if there are other views can focus on small series, small series to leave a message, we all talk about, and in fact drove the Car. Of course, small or Will make every effort to provide more useful content for everyone, good-bye!