Tire equal protection life insurance, pay attention to tire maintenance Is essential

Car tires are the only parts in direct contact with the road surface. Tire directly affects the performance of all aspects of the Car. Therefore, the tires on the Car can be described as very critical presence.

Now, tire so important, how do we take good Care of it while driving, to make Cars safer, to get the tires with us longer time?

1. We drive way affect the very large

we stop or during driving, should keep smooth start, in addition to keep the necessary driving straight, sharp turn, start, acceleration and emergency braking are easy to produce damage. Emergency braking and frequent brake wear on the tires Is very large, road conditions also selected to go as far as possible, to avoid damage to the stones. Also avoid chemical substances on the tire adhesion and corrosion. In special cases, to choose a good response measures, such as rain and snow attention to non-slip.

2. Timely need to check tire pressure, inflatable also pay attention to

Vital tire tire pressure can be said of the need to timely check the proof, and to choose the right tire pressure, too low Will affect their life. After traveling, etc. must first pneumatic tire heat, so as not to affect the air pressure. Pre-inflated, check valve, pneumatic cleaning Is also important to avoid mixing of oil and other damage to the tire. Try first charge to the appropriate tire pressure, or not less than the standard. Gas charging Is completed, the valve cap to be kept.

3. Car speed control.

Is in the acceleration or high-speed long-running, tire life Is also affected. Fast driving ,, tire friction Will receive more damage to the tire Will have a variety of factors, so control the speed Is crucial.

4. grasp the temperature change of tires

hot weather, and other fast-moving or long-term rIse in temperature Will tire, tire pressure Will follow temperature rIse becomes large, damage the tires vary, it may be directly tire, tire rubber or accelerated aging. Low temperatures also time to pay attention, it Is best to low-speed travel a few kilometers to raIse the temperature of the tire in the park after a long start.

5. Regularly tire stop check tires and changing the tire

the main positioning a tire Is abnormal against excessive wear, tire change also the same tire mounting various aspects of the old and new, models, etc. on the same axIs, the difference Is not installed of.

6. Do not overload

tires bear the weight of the whole Car, overloading effect on the tire Is very large. While the purchase truck tire should select the appropriate coefficients tire.

In addition to protecting the tires, but also pay attention to replace the tire. Wear near the bottom of the tread groove wear marks or service life expires, also, or unusual tire drum kits, cracks, etc., we all should be replaced, or puncture a small thing, thIs very critical situation out of control may also occur, directly endanger life!