Tips on caring for the car, you know how much?

With the development of society, more and more Cars become the means of transport. We can say that the Car largely solved the problem of people’s travel. But at the same time easy to get, vehicle maintenance, how to reduce wear and so on, some of the Issues about Cars also come one after another. Can we spend less money wasted it in the Car body. Here, we take stock of what these problems, but also to dIscuss their solutions to it.

As we all know, since bought a Car, a home, the more spending that money on gasoline. Fortunately, fuel-efficient, like a number of SUV models thIs Car can be said that the oil jar. Others say, Japanese Car low fuel consumption. No matter what kind of Car, how to fuel it? Car users who made a number of recommendations.

1. Reduce the acceleration pedal to the metal

Some people like acceleration, suddenly stepped foot throttle, in fact, thIs approach Is not correct, your foot down Is comfortable, can be a few cents of the oil money Is gone. When you step on the accelerator, the engine speed Is accelerating rapidly and then quickly slowed down. ThIs approach Is very do consume fuel. So, step on the accelerator to light ah.

2. Less traffic on the way to open the window

Some people, like while driving opened the window to let Car air circulation. I like thIs, after all, motion sickness too uncomfortable. But to do so, though, very comfortable, but the Car traveling at high speed when as little as possible to open the window. Because the Car at high speed when the windows open increases the resIstance to move forward. Therefore, the Car Will consume more and more oil.

3. Behind large vehicles

Some people driving, do not like the front of a Car get in the way. Put the Car in front of non-super job. In fact, so little insecure. In fact, behind some large vehicles, but more fuel-efficient. Because those large big volume of the vehicle itself, followed, most of them to the wind are blocked, which reduces wind resIstance, to achieve the purpose of fuel. But we must be sure to keep safeFull of dIstance between vehicles.

4. Reasonable air conditioning to achieve a minimum of waste oil

summer, some owners complain incessantly. No air conditioning it, too hot, open it, there Is too much waste oil. In fact, there are times when air conditioning Is not too waste oil. When you just get on, the Car’s relatively high temperature, air conditioners do not worry, you can wait a minute, wait until the Car warm air to escape, and then air conditioning. If you are driving in congested urban areas, slow traffic speeds, it Is recommended that you use air conditioning instead of opening windows.

believe that all Car owners love their Cars, and what Car you use a little common sense, or Is it a coup? May wIsh to share out to the vast number of netizens, let us learn together knowledge of the Car, take Care of hIs Car Car. ThIs article from the original small Car expert, welcomed the attention that brings you up with knowledge