Tips on car maintenance

Car Is very common, almost every household has, for the people, attached great importance to the external maintenance, in fact, the Car Is the same. Better maintenance, the longer the open, on their own terms but also reduce the security rIsk. But for maintenance, not everyone understands, thIs Is a science Oh. Today, just like Xiaobian learn …….

vehicle maintenance, which Is Car maintenance. The Car Is inspected, cleaned, some parts replacement, Is to eliminate hidden dangers around them to prevent failure, to extend the period of use, it Is mainly for system maintenance engine, cooling system, air conditioning, gearbox, etc. So one more step Is to understand a little more security. Today we learn these maintenance items.

1. The oil changes. After driving the Car for some time, according to needs specified by the manufacturer time and mileage in the timely replacement of oil changes. In fact, it Is also called lubricants, by definition, have to lubricate the engine, reducing wear, cooling (cooling), cleaning and so on. That change intervals for engine oil, in fact, many people have questions, usually when buying a Car, maintenance manuals are, Is 5000 km in a replacement cycle. Models are not the same, so analyze specific Issues. Engine oil level according to the different brands, there are mineral oil, synthetic oil, semi-synthetic oil. ThIs center Is different. Fully synthetic engine oil for the oil change cycle Will be longer, the performance of high and low temperature Will be higher, and its replacement cycle Is between 10,000 to 12,000 kilometers, so its price relative to other high; the price of semi-synthetic motor oil relatively stable, generally 8000-10000 km; the last Is mineral oil, which Is 5000 kilometers a replacement cycle, but the price Is actually not a big gap with the front two, so not very many people recommend thIs.

2. The oil filter. In fact, there are air and air filter. So what Is the role of the oil filter? Oil filter, by definition Is the oil filter, the oil Is filtered out dust particles and other impurities, Is intended to protect the engine, so that engine performance optimized. So the oil and filter should be replaced at the same time, because they are the same periodof.

3. Antifreeze. I believe that we are not familiar, it Is the antifreeze coolant. Of course, more than that, it can rust and corrosion, cleaning function, which also play a role in protecting the engine. Color selection Is also very important, can not be mixed.

Xiao Bian hope these help you. Of course, maintenance of knowledge and perhaps more than that, there Is more knowledge about maintenance, welcome to work together to explore. In the hope that the owners were driving safety first!