Three of the most expensive, not any use of car maintenance, special pits do not know cars, you know a few?

Now the big guys all know that a new Car to buy a home after the most important thing Is to do Car maintenance. If the maintenance Is done well, the Car can extend at least a few years of life. But everything goes too far, some owners because of the Car too spoiled, causing damage to the Car. Today we’ll chat with three people the most expensive, but not any used Car maintenance, special pits those who do not know Cars, you know a few?

The first Is the blind pursuit of high-grade gasoline, so far, there are still many owners believe that the higher the grade of gasoline, the gasoline represents the better the quality. Adding high-quality gasoline Will cause more powerful Car, but also to achieve the purpose of fuel. But if your Car Is not a high-end Cars, and there are no provIsions must be filled with high-grade gasoline, then, feel free to join high-grade gasoline Will lead to increased fuel consumption, as well as Car shaking.

The second Is the replacement Car tire when the requirement Is to be imported, which belongs to foreign think what Is the best, but then on the replacement of imported tires in fact, it has not changed much. The most frustrating Is that some imported tires are not suitable for the country’s road conditions, more vulnerable, but also require frequent replacement, a waste of money.

The final step Is maintenance too often, many owners do not know how long the Car was the best maintenance time, often less than a year to replace the oil several times. We all know that oil Is very important for a Car, but frequent changes may make high-quality oil Is wasted. Only a few kilometers in accordance with the provIsions of the replacement, in order for the oil to reach the best state, but also to better protect the Car.

Although many people have repeatedly stressed the importance of vehicle maintenance, but there Is no destination maintenance can also cause a very big impact on the Car, more than three place, after a lot of vehicle owners Will pay attention. If you really do not know how long maintenance time was the best, I recommend you take a look at the Car Carried home maintenance manual. Three of the most expensive, not any use of Car maintenance, special pits do not know Cars, you know a few?