Three minutes to read how tire maintenance, what time replacement.

now basically every household has a Car, and can be a lot of friends on their Car owners for what should tire does not understand, the following small series Will decrypt the tire knowledge, but also allow more owners of friends to understand the tires, understand maintenance, replacement understand, say goodbye been fooled!

First of all say the material of the tire, the tire Is made of rubber, steel, plies, and more than two hundred kinds of additives.

(1) Most tires are made of rubber, rubber Is aging period, probably about three or four years of rubber Will begin to crack, if we Car tire, the tread and sidewall cracking aging, it should be replaced (if cracking occurs within two years, you can find tire manufacturers, tire quality problem Is detected whether thIs Is free)

(2) Will have a tire tread the tread grooves, the main role Is drainage, noIse reduction. The new tire tread in more than eight millimeters, the grooves have a little protruding wear line, the normal use of the tire tread to wear off the line about two millimeters in relation to the replacement, and if you have to wear line, it must be replaced, because thIs when tire drainage has been very low, it Is possible to brake the Car in the rain YORK, or skidding, our security very bad!

(3) the tire sidewall bulge, the major factor Is traveling through the pit Is not decelerating, or on the step to the line of the sidewall of the knock off, and now only one line of the tire sidewall, the knock off for safety also need to be replaced.

(4) Many of my friends asked me to hang a hole in the wall of the tire, the tire can use it, if it Is not very deep hole did not drain outlet, then such tires can be used, if you do not worry you can fall to the rear wheels, so to save money but also peace of mind, if the line has been able to see, even to cut off the line, then or replace it.

tire maintenance Is very important, a good habits can make us safer and more at ease, and even make the tire more than two years of use!

First, the road Is to be noted metPotholed road conditions, slow down tight, especially rainy puddles, to avoid to be avoided. Do not step on the road Car as much as possible, even on the straight but also to the slow, must not sideways on!

avoid taking the road there Is oil, Car maintenance and other oil if the oil gets on the tire should be promptly treated clean.

tire brush Car wax do not apply, although coated finIsh feeling very nice, but a lot of corrosion on the tire.

in the north Will spread deicing snowy day, or salts, if the finIsh thIs way, as the tire water rinse.

regularly guide wheel, do balancing, generally use about twenty thousand kilometers around the need to reverse the new tires, because the heavy front of the Car, plus turning, etc. especially the precursor of the Car Is particularly severe for tire tread wear, thIs time we need to reverse the, extend tire life, avoid the front tire tread mill did not, and the rear wheel pattern but also a deep embarrassment realm. To do pay attention to balancing the pattern in the stone removed, remove the old balance blocks, wheels clean!

regularly look at the tires have not eaten fetal phenomenon, the so-called eat tires Is tire tread wear on one side of the grave, if that happens you need to do something the wheel alignment.

regularly check the tire pressure, if it Is Cars, then summer tire pressure should be adjusted between 2.0 to 2.2bai, winter adjusted to 2.5bai, most well once a month, it Is best to check before you run high-speed.

on tire maintenance also how you do, welcome to leave a message in the comments section to dIscuss Oh!

more small Cars knowledge, please pay attention to the younger brother, I wIsh you the owner of friends, dealers thousands of miles, people and vehicles safe Oh!