ThIs two vehicle maintenance would advIse you not to do, purely intelligence taxes, and the fool silly money

ThIs two vehicle maintenance would advIse you not to do, purely intelligence taxes, also fool the silly money of

It Is now no longer has to buy a Car so difficult, if a Car Is used as a means of transport and some tens of thousands of dollars can buy. But the money to buy a Car does not mean that you can not use concerns, from time to time Is necessary to spend money to do a Car maintenance Is a Car owner must go through. Vehicle maintenance spend money and effort, but now some owners do not quite understand, spent the money on Cars that do not play a role. ThIs two vehicle maintenance would advIse you not to do, purely intelligence taxes, and the fool silly money.

The first maintenance Is the replacement Auto parts, Cars parts Will wear and tear, replacement parts and proper vehicle maintenance Is to be done thing. But the replacement of these parts does not mean that it replaced, the replacement once or even several hundred thousand dollars, while the nominal 4S shop staff might give you under the guIse of checking the Car, took the opportunity to tell you a part in the change. ThIs time you have to look at their own Auto parts in the end there Is no use replacement time, if not used must not change.

The second Is the maintenance of Car tires, the maintenance Is very common now. Saying ahead, not only did not much effect on Car tires, sometimes also damage the tires. The maintenance usually after washing the Car owners often ask the clerk, because the role of a tire on a Car Is essential, the owner Will most probably agree. After the clerk Will give Car owners promIsed to do the clean-up, in the end Will give the upper Car tire oil. Tires looked spotless owners was very happy, but do not know already taken.

because the tires seem to Care, but in fact only the surface of the tire to do a little cleaning up, these owners can be completely done themselves. And that last layer of oil on the tires, if the quality Is not very good corrosion Will lead to dangerous tire dry tires, the process of moving a puncture increase. And if you go to the 4S shop owners really do not trust the tires, in fact, just check the tire pressure on the line.

Car tire pressure Is too low or too high, there Will be the rIsk of a puncture, but the ownerEven after checking tire pressure, adjust it to normal. Because the tire pressure Is affected by temperature and the owners of the Car Will soon become normal, if not promptly detect a puncture caused very dangerous. According to statIstics of traffic accidents occur each year because there are now 70% flat tire, flat tire while these incidents have not caused the tire pressure Is 46% of normal. Tire pressure Is too big security rIsk, so now have a tire pressure detection system in some high-end Cars. There are no ordinary Car owners spend thousands of dollars to install one, you can also install a tire pressure monitoring cap in the Car, more convenient cost-effective.

a tire pressure monitoring cap Is now online, but more than ten dollars, and ease of installation, as long as the owner of the tire valve on it and do a swap can be. Fitted to drive in advance as long as the owners look at each of the above colors, you can clearly know the specific circumstances of Automobile tire pressure. Because of its airtight particularly strong, but a re-fitted after the owners do not need to replace the troublesome back and forth, very practical.