ThIs three car maintenance best to do less, more money Is secondary, mainly the more damage the car maintenance

ThIs Is the best 3 Car Care less to do, more money Is secondary, the main maintenance more to hurt the Car

Many of our owners just buy a Car when their Car Is very precious, and that the maintenance of the Car Is very important, so nothing wanted to go to Care about the Car, in fact, 4S shop Auto repair shop or not, for both mean look in the owners of the strong psychological Care of the Car, we launched a series of wide variety of maintenance projects, but to be honest, some really futile, older drivers tips: thIs three Car maintenance best to do less, or spend more minor, major maintenance the more the more damage the Car.

The first Is the cleaning of oil, although it looks like it happened, but in fact there Is no problem with engine deposits owners concerned about a dime relationship, and Carbon deposits inside the engine are so little residual oil impurities are irrelevant, but thIs maintenance Is still necessary, but three forty thousand kilometers to be done once, no need to go to a few months.

The second Is tire maintenance, speaking of many owners laughed, tire friction with the ground has always been for a long time, the tire it Is necessary to maintain it ? Just playing waxing, cleaning under the stones, we can do at home to rinse them, do not lIsten to what 4S shop said tire maintenance Is not easy to puncture and the like, usually because of a puncture tire pressure problem, with a bit of tire maintenance Is not external relations, the project Is entirely deceptive silly money and the new owner.

The third Is the cleaning of air conditioning, we sometimes air conditioning when, at the beginning there was a feeling of dust erupted, it really Is because the internal air-conditioning excessive dust, but in fact we can get their own, and then pour some air cleaner can be opened outside the loop, you do not need to go 4S shop to spend more money wasted.

In addition to these three as well as Car washing, waxing Is the best owners do less, once or twice a month, not more, because Car wash detergent and wax are all alkaline substances many people wonder, Why would Car wash Car wash with detergent, in fact quite normal, after all, people have to save cost, except to say detergent timberQuality Is outside the basic, additional cleaning effect Is about the same with the special washing agent, so both maintenance to do more, the Car Is easy to paint alkalized, cracking, and the paint Is oxidized, which, owners they can give Car coating, coating many effects, can be Isolated from the outside world matter to the erosion of paint, paint can also enhance the brightness, the cost of the coating Is not high, so we do not believe in the 4S shop coating services a few thousand dollars, casually find Auto repair shop a few hundred dollars can get, of course, if the owners want to experience the coating process, you can buy a bottle of your own coating agent coating, the effect Is the same.

coating agent Is simple to use, just a touch of spray enough, mainly own convenience coating, plating layers you want to do, we can use the try.