ThIs Is the real car maintenance, you cheated in the end how long?

With the popularity of the family Car, more and more families began to use the Car, but thIs one for Car maintenance, many owners it Is a very layman. We all know that Car maintenance Is which parts to maintain it? Some owners say, Is not that an oil change, oil filter change, these parts do? Such a simple question, everyone knows. But, in fact really Is that right? Xiao Bian tell you, you may be kept, never again suffer a great deal because of their negligence!

In fact, the Car was taken to the 4S shop, maintenance of parts also need a lot, not just our ordinary day of an oil change, there are a lot of us want to both unexpected places! Today come to you in detail about the Car Is consumable, if maintenance Is not in place, it Is necessary to spend a lot of time and money, hope that every Car people pay attention to it!

1, the whole Car lights

also fall within Automotive lighting maintenance range, so every time to 4S shop to do maintenance time, do not forget to give the whole Car headlights do a comprehensive maintenance. Automobile brake lights and into the high beam are very important, if a problem occurs, to be in time!

2, the brake system

thIs piece of maintenance Is very important for either the Car or open person, related to life safety Issues, maintenance time to the timely replacement of brake fluid, brake pads and so on! In general, the thickness of the brake pads can not be less than 3mm, the brake Is detected if the sheet thickness Is too low, then the brake pads must be replaced!

3, the tire checking

The tire pressure monitoring, the degree of wear of the tire! Too high too low tire pressure can cause Automobile accidents. Especially in the summer, in normal driving the Car overheated asphalt road, the Car’s tires to excessive heat hazard if the tire pressure Is unstable in the case, then there Will be a puncture.

4, the electronic device maintenance vehicle

forSome use for some years in the Car, check thIs one tend to be ignored. There are many owners believe that thIs completely unnecessary! Check the Car only to check the instrument lights, its role Is a reminder of the role, although unlike other parts, like the role so much, however, if thIs part fails, it tends to cause some accidents. In order to prevent such an incident, the Car was taken to the 4S shop from the roots, we still need a thorough examination!

said above these, we are not ignored it? 4S shop next to go, we must not ignore Car maintenance of these parts! If the repair guy say your Car maintenance Is over, you may wIsh to ask my Car, these parts have to see yet? You need to maintain it? As a result, he said repair guy must think you are a Car expert, Will not dare to fool your friends!