ThIs Is an important period of five car maintenance, car owners must pay special attention!

As we all know, Car maintenance in a timely manner or not directly affect the running condition of the vehicle, proper maintenance can extend the life of the vehicle’s way. If you want your Car to spend more time with you a few years, it would have to pay special attention to thIs important period of five Car maintenance.

First, the general run-in period (1 year)

, a new Car purchase the best condition of the first two years, if there Is no quality problem, and that vehicle within thIs stage.

However, because the vehicle Is in run-in period, so be Careful to use, run-in period not speeding, overloading. Do routine maintenance, allow the Car to control them more smoothly, and remove small problems, the Car Will use it longer.

Second, golden ( 3 years)

now many models have achieved a three-year / 100,000 km warranty, special components of most vehicles Is 3-year warranty. That said, over the cost of vehicle maintenance Will begin to rIse after three years, so thIs stage Is also called the golden age of the vehicle.

In fact, the three-year age of the vehicle’s performance Car Is the best of times, but the number of wearing parts may also be worn, small problems began to increase. Such as brake pads, three filter (air filters, oil filters, filter) would always check the like.

In addition, further to be noted that the fuel pump and shock absorber. General Car to open more than two years, when the fuel pump should also be cleaned or replaced. In particular damper may not run up new Car so smooth, if the spring damper Is no longer flexible, it Will shake so badly at high speeds, and more rain Is particularly dangerous.

Third, maturity ( 3–5 years)

to use the vehicle in 3 – 5 years, he entered the mature stage of the vehicle. During thIs period the vehicle has entered the most peak phase, after thIs stage had started downhill.

At thIs time many Automobile parts are aging, the point problem Is commonplace. Such as paint and rubber parts begin to age, the engine began to make a “dIsease”, then the need for frequent Car to a professional repair shop to conduct a comprehensive physical examination, in order to reduce the chance of failure.

but at thIs stage of the Car, if well maintained, from the appearance or still as good as new words. Car replacement can be a good enough condition, but also a good price, more than six years, used Cars for sale can also enjoy the national policy of subsidies 4500 yuan.

Fourth, the fading period ( 6 – 10 years)

vehicles using 6 – after 10 years, the fault began to multiply, and the Car’s performance began to decline year by year, maintenance costs have begun to rIse year after year.

In the meantime, some of the oil seal and the seal has been aging, should be timely and thorough cure after finding fault, otherwIse it Will lead to higher maintenance costs. Rubber, air conditioning, paint, power systems and other Issues Will be more prominent.

Therefore, thIs period must enhance the conservation of the Car, periodic replacement of wearing parts, repair stations or from time to time to check the condition Conservation Center after each stop before departure and must do a routine inspection, maintenance work.

Fifth, the elimination of ( 10–15 years)

used the Car after ten to fifteen years, a variety of implicit, explicit danger began to appear. A vehicle of thIs period, the owner at the time of use Is also nervous, for fear of accidentally Cars on the road directly Xiecai.

Therefore, at thIs stage of the ordinary Car every action must pay close attention, Careful Care. Before moving every day to see if there Is oil leaking Car at the end, after the first step on the feet moving vehicle brakes and other brake check. For driving safety, the owner must be more Careful.