ThIs four small car maintenance knowledge, do not know how to learn a science!

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more private Cars. There Is a growing emphasIs on vehicle maintenance, and to treat them as their own children. Even in some families, the Car Is also key members of the entire family. Although the different economic conditions of each family, the choice of Car maintenance are also different, but the basic Car maintenance for every Car it Is essential to extend the useful life of the vehicle. Next, let’s look at four o’clock knowledge of vehicle maintenance.

1, the routine maintenance

refers to routine maintenance and replacement of the oil filter, and checking and replacement of various components, such as spark plugs and the transmIssion oil. Under normal circumstances, traveling 5000 kilometers per Car needs maintenance, because the Car of each filter and the oil Will have a lot of dust or impurities. Once the dust or impurities are not promptly treated, it Will affect the normal start the Car, thus reducing the life of the Car.

routine maintenance as well as an important part – to maintain air filter and fuel filter Cartridge. First, if the fuel filter or filter necrosIs in a bad state, not in time, Will cause friction between the cylinder engine, gasoline can not be fully burned, while the Car Is likely to cause Carbon deposition and reduce the life of the Car. Then, let’s talk about the air filter element. As the name suggests, it Is a play an important role in Automobile components. If you have any questions, condition Will suffer. Therefore, routine maintenance Is the basIs for vehicle maintenance. For the life of your Car, please positive detection and timely replacement.

2, Automobile Carbon treatment

In routine maintenance, as we have said, if the fuel filter appears exception, burning gasoline shortage, and it Will produce coke. If Carbon exceeds the standard, it Will shake the vehicle Is idling, increased fuel consumption vehicles. Worst case, the vehicle Will not start, and often stall and so on. If the coke produced it? Do not worry, our basic maintenance Will be processed coke, of course, you can also find professionals to deal with thIs situation. We just need to during normal driving, idling and the vehicle more attention to the process of moving itsHe changes, if unusual, in time, usually active maintenance, so that the life of the occupants of the Car and personal safety Will be greatly protected.

3, tire maintenance

as Automobile hands and feet, how it can not be maintained? Imagine a person in a healthy state, then he can walk brIskly and running fast, the tire Is the same. Only ordinary tires to make the Car run fast, stable, well. Typically, the tire Is detected from the observation of the surface line of the tire whether the tire Is clear and bulge. Under normal circumstances, a Car traveling 10,000 kilometers each need to do a wheel alignment, with front and rear tires every 20,000 km Will be reversed once, and so on. Recommend pay more attention to tire Is normal and intact. If you have any questions, you should immediately contact professionals for repair. At the same time, regular maintenance of Car tires to protect the hands and feet, the equivalent of a layer of insurance for the safety of the personnel on board.

4, gearbox oil maintenance

gearbox Is very important for the Car. For Car manufacturers, its core competence Is the gearbox and engine tuning and matching, because it determines the performance of the Car. Therefore, maintaining the gearbox Is very important, because the transmIssion Is always in high temperature and high speed operation. If the transmIssion oil Is dirty, it Will accelerate wear between the gearbox, thereby reducing the life of the transmIssion. However, for how often to replace a gearbox oil Is no clear explanation. Some 4S shop recommended oil change once every 80,000 kilometers, while others 4S shop recommended oil change once every 40,000 kilometers. In fact, if your Car has a gearshift problem, bad start, gearbox abnormal noIse, which means you need to replace the gearbox oil. Therefore, please pay attention to the situation gearbox.