ThIs car four places, it Is best not to blindly maintenance, otherwIse it Will shorten the life of

After many owners buy a Car back to the Car it was very Caring, so many 4S stores also seize these opportunities, so that you can make a lot of money, which Is Why in recent years those maintenance shop that more and more reasons. However, many do Car maintenance to make their own earn more points Will flicker to those who do Care, and tell them thIs very necessary maintenance and the like, and then you go to pay the silly. However, thIs Car four places, do not blindly maintenance, or Will only shorten life.

First, the engine

belonging to a motor vehicle power center. Generally only what your engine problem emerged, under normal circumstances you do not need or else you tend to get maintenance. So we usually all right when there Is no need to open up to see what happens. If we want to clean the engine compartment of the Car, it Is best to get professional people, not to themselves, what otherwIse appear, subject to the line you have.

Second, the transmIssion oil

thIs thing actually play an important role, it not only can the heat for the Car itself Will play a role of lubrication. So thIs thing can not take Care of nothing, because the oil itself does not need to always go in exchange for, and most of us are run over more than 20,000 km Will be considered for replacement, so it does not need frequent enchant , not to say that oil Is very new to some good.

Third, oil

Speaking of oil Is estimated that some people have told me the same feeling, that Is, always take thIs to the 4S shop Will be open to do in the future to make a fuss, most of our Cars run over five thousand kilometers maintenance, doing maintenance when the Car they Will replace the engine oil, after all, there can earn a lot of money. So under normal circumstances, we need to run many kilometers of oil to replace the words would be more appropriate? ThIs mainly depends on which species you are the oil. If thIs Is the kind of ordinary, then it should be changed every seven thousand kilometers to be all right, then higher, then the future maintenance twice before replacing it.

Fourth, washing

Although we love their Cars, but that Is not to say that the Car bursts pulled the Car to take a bath, wash too often in fact, for the Car Is very good. There Is still looking for the best kind of Car wash more professional shop to wash better, do not go to those roadside stand up casual water rushed a get away. OtherwIse, a long time, you can paint the problem Will be there. So we still have to pay attention a little longer.

vehicle maintenance, it Is indeed very important, but they can not blindly maintenance, as more than four places in need of special attention, incorrect maintenance Will only accelerate the Car damage to their Car, some Car owners still have to be cautious as well.