These projects do not do car maintenance, basically pit of money, unnecessary spending or to know

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now a lot of Auto 4S shops to increase their income, so find ways to make some unnecessary maintenance to flicker owners who do not understand the line, to increase revenue. Although thIs phenomenon for many people already got used to, but you know what Car maintenance project Is not necessary to do it? 4S shop staff turnover wine there Is truth: These projects do not do Car maintenance, basically pit of money.

Although each year on the brakes the Car to conduct an inspection or necessary, after all, once the device brake problems, then it Is very terrible, but the Car in fact, tire maintenance Is not much use.

Although in many people’s minds, timely clean up Automobile oil passage that Is a good Car, but the Car 4S shop in thIs regard launch of the business Is more detailed, and clean a range of different prices Will lead to some differences. In fact, tell the truth staff told Xiao Bian, which in fact Is often not necessary to do, and if the Car Is not always clean up Carbon, it Will make the Car itself suffered losses.

to the 4S shop had many owners just want to do something for their Car relatively clean surface, however, they Will open the Car’s engine cover, and let you see many dust accumulation inside. Even if you had no idea of ​​cleaning the engine compartment, cabin estimated to see the thick dust it Will be very hard for me. But the engine compartment to if not dirty mIserable head forbearance see, in fact, Is not eager to clean. After all, thIs place Is full of lines, each cleaning, how much Will always wear some of the lines.

For many owners, it can be said to keep a Car Is no small expenditure. Carefully finIshing small series of these also sincerely hope that every owner can save some unnecessary spending. So you read thIs article, for those Cars which unnecessary expenses you canknow? Welcome messages.