These points car maintenance knowledge, even the old drivers do not know! Recommended collection!

When we go out, sometimes our Cars Will inevitably be some problems. Therefore, it Is particularly important for the usual Car maintenance. Vehicle maintenance refers to the various parts of the vehicle based on materials required for different service conditions, to find the appropriate professional Care materials, vehicle maintenance.

Maintenance MIstakes

1. In hot weather washing

like many private Cars in good weather when the Car wash. Owners think they can make rapid evaporation of water inside the Car. In fact, it Will greatly reduce the life of the Car paint. Car wash in the hot sun, a convex lens effect of water droplets can lead paint top local temperature, passage of time Will lose their luster. If at thIs time waxing, but also Is likely to cause unevenness body color.

2. Oil, the better

As we all know, oil Is very important in the Car. Too little oil can cause serious engine wear. Poor lubrication and journal bearings Will happen, the Car Will not run smoothly. Some owners believe that they have added oil the better, but they do not realize that too much engine oil Will fail. For example, in operation, the connecting rod big end of the crank handle and produces intense agitation, which Will increase the internal power loss of the engine, and also increases the amount of oil splashed on the cylinder wall of the engine, resulting in the oil burner failure. Excess oil and even lead to combustion chamber deposits increased and decreased engine power, thus affecting emIssions.

3, neutral slide fuel-efficient

Many older drivers in case of trouble to choose neutral slide. ThIs rule may be more practical in the past, but now the Car has changed. Today’s engine fuel injection Is controlled by an electronic control unit, the control system having the majority of EFI engine oil or fuel cut deceleration Save function. For these EFI engine, Will be no longer necessary to use neutral slide saving operation. If forced to neutral, it may make you pay more money.

These are just a mIsunderstanding in the Automotive repair and maintenancetip of the iceberg. Usually we should be how to Care for our beloved Car?

1. Routine maintenance

When you get home, the Car Is always parked in a cold garage, so when you started when, driving home checked daily before starting the Car, you should look around and see the lighting device Is damaged, whether the body tilt, whether there are oil spills, leaks and other leaks, check tire appearance inspection doors, engine compartment lid, status of the tailgate and glass. In particular ignition, be sure to check the Car’s indicators are normal, the need for refueling. If the Car’s indicator Is not normal, it Is necessary to remember to take measures.

2, weekly cleaning

Internal status check a Car engine, for example: Firstly, the engine Is leaking or oil spill? Second, the engine belt tensioners Is abnormal? In addition, the coolant Is lost? Which part of the Car’s fuel consumption? It needs to be replaced? Finally, windshield washer fluid, cleaning the respective interior and exterior parts.

These are the little Car repair knowledge Is not comprehensive enough. I just hope that the above information Is helpful for people with Cars. Vehicle maintenance Is not only good Care while driving your Car, also includes double-check your Car every day. ThIs Is not only emphasize on the Car, but also on personal life to emphasize.