These car maintenance trap, you have encountered?

As our living standards improve, more and more people have their own Car, but due to the lack of new owners for maintenance of knowledge, it Is easy to spend a lot of time and money in maintenance and repair. Today we’ll talk about some of those pits after buying the Car maintenance, you have to be Careful after Oh!

[air conditioning dIsinfection cleaning]

“You ThIs air conditioner must be cleaned up, and now the air Is so bad, Car every day, ran out, the health effects of air conditioning dust and bacteria to a large family! “to hear the case, you think thIs Is not very professional chef, chef also a part-time health Care experts? Of course not, money Is the ultimate goal. In fact, unless air conditioning Is broken evaporation tank cleaning or deep-seated that they can not do, the other can solve yourself, and deep cleaning once a year Is enough already, air conditioning maintenance mainly on their own Oh!

[ “preventive” oil change]

Sometimes we might hear service point or 4S store employees say to you, in order to prevent the emergence of XX case you or replace what thIs type of oil Is better, really true? In fact, the facts did not so complicated. Hyundai does not need very frequent oil changes, and the duration of the last modern lubricant oil even longer than some, usually 5000-10000 km replacement once, usually the frequency of oil changes are in the Car manual written, so we recommend to replace the manual frequency like, premature oil changes, then it Is just a waste of money, there Is no need.

[tire pressure as high as possible]

or to the garage 4S shop maintenance, usually inflatable free service, but some Car owners to take any cheap, always charge the tire pressure Is particularly high, thinking that it would save money and eliminates the inflatable trouble. Owners may not know tire pressure Is too high, Will reduce tire grip and braking effect when the brakes Will be reduced, at the same time, high-speed puncture the tire pressure Is too high to run the rIsk of greatly increased. So we follow the standard atmospheric pressureCan be inflated, inflatable preferred amount Is generally in the range of ± 5% of standard atmospheric pressure.

to the Car to do maintenance in order to be able to grow use the time to go, but if some unnecessary maintenance measures impair vehicle performance, then it Is not worth the candle, so small series suggest that riders and friends or take note of Ay.

for vehicle maintenance in the “trap”, do you have any kind of view it? Welcome messages are dIscussed in the comments section oh ~ ~ ~