These car maintenance tips, do not know the owners quickly learn!

Do you know the Car replacement cycle of consumables it? You know what Is so-called major maintenance and small maintenance it? There are internal and external maintenance and Care it? Today I bring the necessary knowledge of the Car tips to make your Car more maintenance easier.

Consumables replacement cycle:

Is changed every 5000 or 7500 km once oil per 10,000 or 25,000 km replace the fuel filter, replace the spark plug every 30,000 km, or 2 years to replace the brake fluid every 40,000 km, replace the air filter once a year, Automatic transmIssion oil replacement every 60,000 km, every 2 – 3 years to replace the battery every 30,000 kilometers clean fuel injectors.

vehicle maintenance common sense:

little maintenance means that within a manufacturer specified time or mileage, as ensure performance after traveling a certain dIstance of the vehicle Carried out routine maintenance items. It includes replacement of oil and oil filters, usually changed every 5000 km.

major maintenance refers to the Car for a wide range within a manufacturer specified time or mileage and maintenance, such as replacement of oil and oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, brake fluid, transmIssion oil. It Is usually performed once every 60,000 kilometers.

refers to a maintenance Car body surface and maintaining aging paint primer, such as Automotive coatings, Car wax, tire, tire pressure measurement, Automobiles cleaning.

refers to the maintenance of the maintenance of the vehicle interior, such as upholstery cleaning, dIsinfecting vehicle, engine cleaning, air cleaning, oil change, water glass, and the like armored vehicle chassIs.

Cars routine maintenance inspection items:

1, inspection belt, the exhaust system, battery status;

2, replacement of oil and oil filter;

3, to check and clean the air filter;

4, performance and quality inspection of the brake system fluid;

5, the quality inspection system and a power steering oil;

6, check the chassIs of each of the club dust cover;

7, before and after checking status suspension;

8, to check vehicle tire condition;

9, to check the performance of Automotive air conditioning systems.