These car maintenance projects often do not need to do, to keep in mind the owners!

As the saying goes, buying a Car Is easy to keep a Car difficult. In fact, buying a Car Is a one-time deal. After the purchase, maintain and extend the life of the Car, good driving experience Is a top priority.

When it comes to Car maintenance, many owners are 哑巴吃黄连 – suffering not to say. Late last year, when I saw the large and small repair lIst, I think a lot of owners heart Is bleeding. In fact, many novice drivers often cheated to do some deep maintenance, because they love their Cars, trust 4S stores, including some unnecessary and costly maintenance.

Although there Is a saying in the Automotive repair and maintenance, do more good than to do less, do more Is usually harmless, but for economic reasons, we still need understand some maintenance to avoid pitfalls to avoid wasting money.

1, the engine depth maintenance

you do not know my friends if there Is such a experience. 4S shop to change the oil and filter, but do be fooled depth maintenance staff. The reason Is that the engine Is better, can prolong engine life. In fact, the depth of maintenance does not require the engine too often. Although some impurities generated in the engine during use, but the oil filter having a filter effect, only to replace oil and oil filter.

If you really Care about your Car, you can do some routine maintenance in advance, or every 3-4 ten thousand kilometers deep do engine maintenance.

engine Is the heart of the Car, Is important for the normal operation of the Car. Therefore, in the engine project, many owners are also worried and confused. In fact, choose a good engine maintenance can save a lot of trouble.

2, air conditioning maintenance

We know that if a long time do not use air conditioning, air conditioning filter needs to be cleaned or replaced in order to be used again, otherwIse the air conditioning in the dust can damage a person’s respiratory system.

When some owners bring their Car in for repairs, they often clerk do it “Car air-conditioning dIsinfection sterilization activities.” ThIs activity Is actually sprayed dIsinfectant in the air conditioning. ThIs step can be done by the owners themselves. In fact, there Is no need to spend a lot of money in the 4S shop to do it.

3, tire maintenance

can be a tire repair shop 4S pit maintenance. Many people hear the message of tire maintenance Will be done immediately, but after tire maintenance Is completed, they Will immediately stunned, because the so-called tire brush tire maintenance Is to clean, and then coated with wax on the tires point, most of the time they still do not know to be tire wax coating Is good or bad.

In fact, thIs level of maintenance of the tire can be accomplIshed by washing out.