These car maintenance, made equal to waste? Owner: say that earlier, 4S shop how much money to give away!

These Car Care items still doing? Older drivers: Do not blindly maintenance, white 4S shop to give money!

owning a Car Is a lot of people a lifetime of life events, so after extraction of their Car, their Car Will be on various aspects of conservation work, but older drivers He tells us that some users do not need to do that maintenance work not only Will not play any effect, but Will damage hIs Car, the most important thing to waste their renminbi, then these unnecessary maintenance work what does?

as we said before maintenance work Is generally an oil change, Car wash shell about, or to change a tire. But today I want to say that some of these unnecessary maintenance and completely detached, so, what specific projects have it? These projects also do Car maintenance? Older drivers: Do not blindly maintenance, and white 4S shop to give money we take a look!. First 1st unnecessary items, and that Is to clean the engine. Many drivers have argued that their Cars after prolonged use, the entire engine compartment Is very dirty, soot gathered here Is generally an important place, but for the entire Automobile engine Is a very important presence. These Car maintenance, made equal to waste? Owner: say that earlier, 4S shop how much money to give away! Once the engine failure, then it Is possible the entire Car in a paralyzed state.

Therefore, the engine Is a cleaning maintenance mode selection many owners. But from the relevant Car maintenance manuals that we can not clean thIs type of engine maintenance project, but every time we go to 4s shop 4s shop Is going to be required for cleaning the engine as Is so swept away those Carbon . But thIs way of maintenance Is not necessary. Because our engine lubricating oil Is generally precipitates Will be with the lubricant that comes with ear-cleaning function Will not produce excessive debrIs within a few kilometers. If we clean up the depth of the engine, it Will cause great waste, detergents which are generally doped with corrosive elements make some parts inside the engine of our cause corrosion, so that failure of the engine area.

Car polIshing coatings and unnecessary maintenance items ThIs Is so because our Car after the purchase has its own shell protective film, if the Car Is not a shell luminosity year-round use Is not enough we do not need polIshing the Car Is a few years after the purchase, the reason we are polIshing their Cars in order to make more bright, but often polIshing Will not only make our shell updated, it Will destroy the Car paint .

and the Car Is not able to maintain a long time after the polIshing film, generally darken oxide paint such conditions Will be in a few days, If you do not do the project, then polIshing, Automobile degree of oxidation may not be so fast, but after polIshing Cars, used Car prices Will cause damage associated with corrosion faster before comparing our Car shell, thIs behavior Is not only a waste of their RMB, but the Car Will cause more damage.

Let’s say the first three maintenance project Is to harness in the Car to do a dust Isolation. Many drivers making Auto repair, both dIscover a whole Car shell and the interior view Is very neat, but after open only to find that the line Is very complex. And after prolonged use Car, external dust Will enter into the Automobile inside the shell, such as those of the above components are covered with dust even on a wire harness also had different levels of particulate matter.

So it happened that a new direction, then it Is our harnesses from dust Isolation, in fact, before there Is no such insurance coverage. But we more, so go to 4s shop for maintenance, a lot of people Will be more convenient to repair the Car after Car maintenance requirements, these harnesses Isolation, while also being able to do the role of dust. In fact, thIs Is a very unnecessary maintenance items, because the Car in the factory when the reason Is designed in such a way, because our Car Is no hindrance, if too many of these unnecessary maintenance projects, but worth the candle.

Finally, we want to say a maintenance project that Is to replace the oil filter. The reason we use the oil filter, because many times we have based Friends of the impurities, after these impurities from entering the engine tend to form deposits, it Will cause damage to our engine after a long time. But for those owners who usually drive less, then, there Is no need to frequently replace filters. ThIs Is because we Will have oil oxidation after use, and therefore Will also oxidized when in use. If not often use the Car, then it’s intercepted sediment filter Is relatively small. Frequent filter change Is not necessary.

Most of the Car owners when to perform maintenance, probably as small series, in order to be able to use their Car longer, usually 4s shop say how to replace lIstens to their opinions, but does not take into account hIs Car in the end there Is no need to be replaced. Thus we can imagine how much money they have wasted. May just be a marketing tool to 4s shops blinded, so go to 4s shops, we still have to stay awake, like Xiao Bian often been fooled clerk, but thIs situation very much, I do not know whether you with small series, which had been tricked by marketing it?

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