These car maintenance knowledge, knew best, older drivers are aware of the knowledge

buy a Car, let the engine longevity, how should I do?

Now, a lot of people for the Car’s engine Is not quite understand, but if the Car’s engine maintenance Is a big gap between good and bad, then , wanted the Car engine longevity, how should I do it?

First of all, the Car’s engine should be very attention in the run-in period, the Car engine in the run-in period Is relatively fragile, thIs time can not be high-speed operation, in other words, thIs time the engine stepped on the red line Is absolutely prohibited, in two thousand kilometers, as far as possible to keep the engine speed in turn more than a thousand, two thousand turn up and down, not more than two thousand five hundred prohibiting more than four one thousand kilometers, in short, thIs time the vehicle engine Is relatively fragile and can not withstand the wear and tear of high intensity.

The second Is the Car engine just after a run-in period, try to find a freeway, you can enjoy on the highway harnessed, without speeding, try the quick opening period, so that the engine can run fast, so you can quickly burn engine Carbon deposits, and with the reduction of Carbon deposition, the Car’s engine Will have fuel consumption of power a very big improvement.

The third Is to five thousand kilometers when it comes in Care, not delay, because the oil to a certain mileage on Compare cloudy, for the protection of the engine Is not very good, so be sure to Carry out maintenance of the engine in time, and maintenance time, and do not always staring at the fully synthetic motor oil, look at what your Car Is the price of ten Wan look on it with mineral oil, or oil Is too thin, but not good. In short, do not over maintenance. And there are twenty thousand kilometers to the maintenance of large, need to be cleaned throttle, inlet, as well as engine, three-way catalytic these things, and thirty thousand kilometers to the timely replacement of spark plugs, engine life extension for these are very useful thing.

while driving, try to be gentle on the Car, do not always high speed, however,And do not always travel very slowly, high speed engine Will over-work, let the engine wear too fast, and if you always at low speed, then the engine there Will be very serious Carbon deposition, so the appropriate speed, the appropriate the low speed Is necessary, a relaxation, the degree of tightness Is the best state.

Different price Car engine needs fuel Is not the same, if it Is hundreds of thousands of Car Is best to add better fuel, and if it Is less than one hundred thousand Cars, just raIse normal, slightly lower grade fuel can be, and Is best not to mix the fuel increase, remember not long mixed filling, thIs for damage to the engine Is relatively large.

Finally, Is to have a good driving habits Is also very important, not sudden acceleration, a sudden deceleration, do not step on the engine in neutral, Do not put the Car at home for a long time does not move, keep the good habits also help extend engine life.