These car maintenance Is not necessary to do, to do Is a waste of money! There Is little effect!

These Car maintenance Is not necessary to do, to do Is a waste of money! There Is little effect! For now people, the transport vehicle Is the most essential means of transport, and basically everyone Will buy a Car opened, although the price of some cheap Cars, but doing it Will not be so easy maintenance some friends said that these Car maintenance costs a year down can buy a nice Car, and since then can be seen, within one year of the Car light maintenance Will consume a lot of money, but people know what?

normal air conditioning maintenance Is to replace the air filter, if the fault Is bigger pipeline cleaning air conditioning, air conditioning maintenance could we do when people Will have to You recommend sterilization air conditioning maintenance, air conditioning which Is to spray a dIsinfectant spray, in fact, do not do thIs maintenance Is also possible, if you really want to do, yourself in line to buy their own bottle of air conditioning dIsinfectant spray on the line, as long as we regularly replace the air conditioning filter can be.

does not work most of the maintenance should be the maintenance of the tires, because they can only give you clean and wax, but we need to know Is to tire and the ground contact soon after the clean-up also dirty. If the pressure of the earth can be our own, then rinse with a hose on the line. Such maintenance Is completely useless if the Car wear powerful, it needs to be replaced directly on the tires.

catalytic converters, some drivers may also friends of catalytic converters are not sure what it Is, thIs Is more convenient to enjoy the 4S shop Fudge , but in fact the maintenance simpler, we only need to use a decoder circuit to check the engine, then the problem Is solved, but many people do not understand there’s opportunities, so even if there may be tricky to know which, of course, and I said no out of it herself, so naturally directly it has been fooled.

engine Is the heart of the Car, for the normal operation of the Car has a very important significance. Therefore, in thIs engine project, many owners are also concerned about the mess up. In fact, selecting a good engine can save a lot of trouble over maintenance, for example, it Is equipped with 1.5T turbocharged engine with in-cylinder directSpray, dual variable valve timing technologies. Its maximum power of 120 kilowatts peak torque reached 250 Nm / 1500-3500 rpm. Big engine power, but with the low speed high torque, power output broadly, to avoid engine knock, improved fuel efficiency and other advantages!