There are also car maintenance tips, repair works are still to be “routine” do? Some of the knowledge you need to know!

Car maintenance have skills, you still are plant maintenance “routine” do? Some of the knowledge you need to know!

with respect to the vast part of Car owners, Car maintenance on thIs Issue, Is one of the Issues we are very concerned about, after all, only an effective vehicle maintenance Will be able to get our Car to reduce wear and tear parts, delaying the life of our Car, of course, most importantly, allow us to travel more at ease, more security. But in terms of the Car, not all are effective maintenance, greatly accelerates time to chat and 4S shop maintenance staff, 4S clerk told Xiao Bian, they are reluctant to do these maintenance.

In today’s social development, the Automobile has become one of the most common means of transport, but for Car maintenance of common sense, there are still many new Cars owners do not know, but the vast majority of new Car owners also customary to put the Car into the 4S shop maintenance, some owners Will lIsten to directly select the 4S shop staff arrange Car maintenance packages, these packages appears to be affordable, but hidden transmIssion of the dIsease, for older drivers, for the Car to do maintenance can save a 5000 yuan 2000 yuan, even more than not a problem, after all, some Car maintenance can solve our own hands to get it!

about replacement parts replacement parts Car maintenance Is absolutely no technical content, experienced old driver for the Car to do maintenance, 4S shop staff vehicle maintenance Will be very good, not the slightest Careless. There are also Car maintenance tips, you still are plant maintenance “routine” do? Some of the knowledge you need to know! But for the novice Car owners Will encounter a variety of “routine” maintenance, and even requires owners to replace their new Auto parts, and even higher price to persuade the owners to replace parts, wasting money. As the owner of a new Car you must know, even the replacement Auto parts, and the Car itself must be replaced to match the Car accessories. Avoid clerk “pit” their hard-earned money.

does not need regular oil clean now do, after all, when we use the Car, the Car’s gasoline did not complete combustion, Will be in the Car have some coke, attached to the engine cylinder, the combustion Will be laterProduce loud noIse and exhaust gas treatment in the exclusion of the vehicle interior, but thIs Is the vehicle for the Car itself does not affect the normal use. But for owners who do not know, when we go to the maintenance staff tried to sell the oil Will be cleaned Will say thIs Is the Car itself Is a great advantage. But oil cleaning and maintenance of the vehicle itself often does not have any benefit, and even bring some damage to the vehicle itself.

owners during vehicle maintenance, try to master the knowledge of their own small Auto parts and vehicle maintenance, Auto parts and vehicle maintenance manual, replacement parts which have a reasonable time, oh. We must try to control their own little Car knowledge, do not be fooled 4S shop clerk, to make the selection according to their Car needs.

As owners we, in the 4S shop to do maintenance or repair workshop when, especially when employees strongly recommend you to do when replacement Auto parts, be sure to look before you leap, we must seriously think clearly, Is not the vehicle to do the replacement Auto parts. Do not be innocent “routine” wasting money. Of course, employees and the needs of customers agree to sign.