The tires also need maintenance, throughout the year how to maintain tire?

throughout the year, different temperatures of the season Will be different, especially in the north friend, should pay attention to tire in the north nurturing four seasons!

Spring Is the season of the year’s most comfortable, reawakening flourIshing, the most suitable for family travel by Car . But in addition to the pleasure of driving experience, through a cold winter tires, maintenance Is essential!

spring rains, the tire and the ground water because adhesion Is greatly reduced.

before the rainy season, if the tires were badly worn tread dIsappear, then, to the timely replacement tires, also, replace the gas nozzle checking, maintaining airtightness of the tire!

road summer temperatures often above 70 degrees Celsius, a road test of a hot tire.

In order to maintain tire pressure, summer recommended nitrogen filling, the filling pressure should be reduced by 10 percent.

autumn weather becoming cooler, due to the general low tire pressure high temperature in summer, it Is required to fall in supplementary tire pressure.

cold winter weather, especially in the northern region, a winter becomes a world of ice and snow, put aside the performance of the Car and driving skills do not say, most of the tire Is put to the test.

low winter temperatures, according to the principle of expansion and contraction, should be an appropriate increase in winter tire pressure, reduce tire wear, but the tire pressure Is too high, it Will affect tire grip using higher than normal atmospheric pressure of about 10 percent of the air pressure under normal circumstances.

WheelTire not only requires maintenance in the season, the daily also need to pay attention to tire maintenance. Pay attention to tire pressure: tire pressure can not be ignored. Tire pressure Is too low or too high, Will affect the life of the tire. Car hit air pump configuration for the Car, not only can detect anywhere tire pressure, gas leak loss can also occur in the tire, the tire pressure abnormality processing to ensure the normal tire pressure, save fuel, extend tire life and security.

shedding with: overload with significant impact on the tire. The larger the load of the vehicle, the shorter the life of the tire. Watch ChassIs situation: chassIs should always be checked. Front and rear axle parallelIsm, wheel alignment, the braking device working conditions and other chassIs parts are state of the art to varying degrees affect the life of the vehicle tire.

to keep a Car good driving habits: starting too fast, suddenly turning, emergency braking, high-speed driving in bad road conditions and other locations, Will result in severe tire wear, thereby reducing the use of tires life. To timely maintenance: periodic maintenance and extend tire life of a vehicle Is also closely related.

driving performance and safety status

tire of the Car, usually habits Is good enough, not only can extend tire life may also play a role in saving the last hope that we can maintain a good tire maintenance like, bon voyage!