The three most important car maintenance you have to understand!

Hello everyone, today we chat with the most important of which are the three maintenance Car maintenance times, the Car what good Is it?

I believe we all know, Car maintenance Car Is more important part of the process, the same Car, good Car maintenance Car maintenance than random whole Is stronger. But we do not know Is which of these three maintenance most directly affect the interests of the owners and the life of the Car.

First, the first insurance

basically all brand new Car, the first insurance Is free, the first new Car Paul mileage and time for each brand Is also very different, some 3000 km or 3 months, while others are 5000 kilometers or three months, one of the standards you need to do first Car maintenance. Many of my friends have just one or two thousand kilometers, and even some run only a few hundred kilometers, to three months, and thIs time Is required by the provIsions of the first insurance do. The first Car insurance Is very important, in the run-in phase prior to maintenance, Car running out of waste material, there Is little wrong with the Car itself, can be adjusted in the first insurance; at the same time, the Car Will be the first insurance information when included, related to the Car’s warranty. So, the first Car insurance Is very important during a maintenance, we must pay attention

Second, 40,000 km maintenance

most large Car 40,000 km service intervals, maintenance projects at thIs time, parts need to be replaced very comprehensive, both spark plugs or brake pads need to be replaced at thIs time, major maintenance if done well , the life of the vehicle and Car feel Will increase, therefore, we must pay attention from the first major maintenance of the vehicle.

Third, the maintenance of the warranty period, the last

Because of the quality of the vehicle itself, in the warranty period of the vehicle present as such or failure, the manufacturers are given free replacement or repair, and once beyond the warranty time, in failure, then we need to own up spending. So the last vehicle maintenance in the warranty period, must be a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle, the maintenance should be the end of the warranty period of the previous monthBecause the vehicle inspection takes time, and a lot of accessories, the store may not have stock, then you need to transfer goods manufacturers, repair a Car you Will be aware, 4s shop for goods manufacturers need 7-15 days, in order to avoid due to the aging problem Is beyond troublesome warranty period, we want to Carry out maintenance and maintenance of the safest one month before the warranty period.