The second car maintenance need to change anything? Covered up, Is no longer pit!

yesterday one of my friends told me, 4S shop called to inform him that hIs Car using the full year, the maintenance needs to be done a second time. Normally, the use of Cars with 10,000 km or one year, we should do it the second time maintenance. My friend after maintenance finIshed, told me that “two guarantees” too expensive, he actually spent more than 3000. I was shocked and asked him: “change the oil and filter have so expensive, that you are Lamborghini ah?” So he sent me pictures maintenance lIst, as follows:

vehicle maintenance lIst

read thIs maintenance lIst, I suddenly realized that the original he was a pit. Now a lot of 4S shop bully novice drivers do not understand anything, when maintenance Is a project to give you plus. Many new Car owners, basically nothing to see, confusedly signed. And so when you come to understand, people have maintenance done. So the question Is, what Is the Car the second time maintenance must want to change? What Is their own can not change or change it? Do not worry, the next repair old driver Will tell you:

Car oil changes

The first Is the engine oil and filter, Automobile manufacturers General provIsions engine oil and filter are 5000 kilometers or one for six months. These my previous article, “ 5000 km oil change pit in the end how many people? How long before the normal engine oil change? “has been explained to you too. General mineral oil 5000 km or six months to replace, fully synthetic motor oil, then replace 10,000 km or one year. In fact, doing almost all the cost, I suggest that you try to use full synthetic oil.

Second, the second time to raIse insurance if your Car has been running for 10,000 km of words, and air conditioning filter Will need to be replaced. If you are strong hands, you can own the Internet to buy accessories, and then change it yourself. Not only saving time charge, accessories can also save a lot of money, really serve two purposes. As for the fuel filter, I recommend usually changed every 40,000 km can be.

As for engine maintenance, cleaning the engine, fuel additives and the like items. You remember that, do not all on the line. When Paul II 4S stores Will take the initiative to help you check the coolant, brake fluid, tire pressure and chassIs, these are of course freeFee.

Having said that, you must have a second Car maintenance items have been cooked in the heart. Repair the old drivers want to remind everyone that, before two security must be Careful to maintain a lIst of unwanted items must not let him fight √. Or you could say to them directly, just give me change the oil and filter on the line, I do not need to change anything else.

find it useful to read, on the point of praIse, share plus collection! For more information please pay attention to repair the old Car driver. We are talking about professional Car!