The second car maintenance maintenance and maintenance for the first time what Is the difference, what projects do you know?

The so-called non-destructive maintenance, that Is, after the first test and maintenance, increase the detection, the cleaning step, the engine precipitation 0, 0 coke, truly lossless maintenance, completely eliminate any safety hazard. The first Car maintenance we call the first insurance. Normally, the first insurance Is about 5000 kilometers, the second time after the first insurance maintenance Is performed again 5000 km or six months later.

The second Car maintenance project with the first insurance Will be different. In general the second Car maintenance when the vehicle has traveled approximately 10,000 kilometers around, thIs time in addition to oil, machine filter needs to be replaced, should also check whether the air-conditioned cells, air cells, fuel cells, etc. need to be replaced and, apart from addition, some conventional glass, such as water, transmIssion oil, brake oil, antifreeze, engine deposits, but also need to check the tire pressure, etc.

two Car insurance Is very important, item relates to an engine, Automatic transmIssion, air-conditioning systems, steering systems, brake systems, suspension systems, body parts, as many as eight major tire testing and maintenance of 63 projects.

The second Car maintenance maintenance rules are generally long, the basic oil and filter change on the line, other checks on the line. If the 4S shop maintenance, use special oil on it, if maintained on the outside, to choose their own engine oil. And 4S stores such as oil type or improve a grade can be.