The owner quickly see what the car needs maintenance? ThIs article give you the answer!

owners quick look at what the Car needs maintenance? ThIs article give you the answer!

buy a Car easy to keep a Car difficult, vehicle maintenance Is very important, for some white, the maintenance of the Car could be seen, too few, in fact, it Is the very Car maintenance simple, normal replacement of wearing parts, we talk about today.

vehicle maintenance Is divided into small maintenance and major maintenance, low maintenance, that Is what we usually replace the Car’s engine oil, oil filter children, air filters, air conditioning filter these most basic things.

If you are filling it fully synthetic motor oil, it Is generally replaced every 10,000 kilometers on it, if it Is filling a semi-synthetic motor oil, replace that 7000 km once, if a mineral oil, it Is no problem to replace 5000 kilometers. Of course, thIs Is also adjusted according to their condition, it Is a general reference.

In addition to the normal maintenance that little of it, and then there are a number of wearing parts and maintenance of vehicles, such as your Car to the 60,000 km of when the Car brakes, brake dIscs, Automobile tires, and Automotive antifreeze, Automotive brake fluids, etc. these fluids are needed to replace or check.

After the bin it, there are some of the more important components, such as the belt Is very important timing of the Car, in 6-80000 kilometers of be sure to check the time, if a crack occurs, must be replaced in time, because it belongs to Is a fatal thing, then if the case Is broken, can easily lead to engine overhaul, or Is that direct scrapped.

that the Car daily to clean, glitch coke Car, such as driving on you, increase their fuel consumption, power down, it Is likely that the throttle of the Car too much Carbon, or excessive coke combustion chamber, especially for the current direct injection engine, Carbon deposits may be more, it Will happen, thIs when you belong to exclude and check glitches, also belong to the scope of the maintenance of it.

In short, the Car not to unduly to value, nor either value, usually learn some small Car maintenance knowledge, there Is a general understanding, so their own maintenance idea in mind, that’s it.

Now I can just maintenance to a few of my own ideas. First, a Car engine Is the heart of the oil like its blood, so I chose the oil quality Is particularly important. Try to choose a fully synthetic motor oil, the price Will be slightly more expensive, but over time you Will find inside the engine like new, hardly any sludge. Of course, provided that the oil Is genuine, you can not confirm if the oil quality, it Is recommended that you go to a large garage, and do not go to the roadside shops (of course, we can not generalize). General 7000-10000 oil replaced every oil change and oil filter every time together. Now the Car 60,000 km replace the spark plug not a little problem, do not replace 30,000 km, it Is just given official, too wasteful, and I simply split over the need to replace 30,000 km. If you really do not worry you can go to the store to check the spark plug gap, if there Is Carbon and so on. We still have to prevail spark plug province practicality. Check the basic charge, that you may rest assured. There gasoline filter there are two, one external, a built. External recommend 2-3 million km replace the built-in 60,000-80,000 km replace, if the money you can wayward point. There are air filtration, air-conditioning filter, personal advice Is so dirty on the exchange, and use any. Air conditioning filter can be changed once a season. Brake booster oil oil every two years, because the brake oil water absorption, Is easy to absorb moIsture in the air, resulting in soft brake and the like.