The original wheels have tire maintenance? Many people have ignored! Old drivers to teach you how to do

After the onset of winter, experienced owners Will certainly check the tire of my Car, in order to ensure safe driving. You know the tires it? Today, let us learn tire maintenance!

First, the maintenance of shiny aluminum wheels

Aluminum turning bright surface of the hub Is a recent popular hub form, high color value, loved by owners, many owners Will choose to modify their Car. Since the product Is a bright side process, only the surface layer of glitter in the light, in the use and maintenance are more stringent than the other wheels. Therefore, in the beautiful behind, we also need more attention. Some small errors should be avoided in the following:

1) Do not use tires and other Automotive brightener beauty products, these products are harmful to the hub of the original coating, corrosion of the surface coating, resulting in flaking, and even lead to tire leak. When

2) maintaining the hub, to avoid the use of a stiff brush to prevent the hub from being scratched coating surface. Recommended to use a towel to wipe soft material.

3) as far as possible to avoid driving environment for long saline containing substance. For example, the driver should be thoroughly cleaned after the first time the hub surface, and to prevent corrosion caused by the residual substance hub surface corrosion;

4) When the scribe wheel surface and be polIshed beauty when the processing should be selected to 4S shop to do, in order to prevent improper operation caused more serious damage to the coating surface during the polIshing process.

Second, the function of tire tread

it Is mainly used for the tread drainage, poorly drained easy skidding Therefore the use of tire tread height to meet the requirements of the rainy season Is an important guarantee to ensure traffic safety.

Third, the normal tire wear and replacement cycle

The main factors that affect tire life Is wear and aging of rubber. Under normal conditions, the life of the tire between 5 years or 20,000 to 50,000 km, but it also depends on road conditions and driving habits of the driver. However, when the tread height Is less than 1.6When mm (tread worn to wear limit mark), drainage capacity Will be greatly reduced, and therefore needs to be replaced.

Tips: After replacing the tires, to ensure the implementation of dynamic balance.

Fourth, the reasons for abnormal tire wear

A, pressure and wear

insufficient air pressure and the tire pressure Is too high Will result in abnormal wear, especially the lack of air pressure, causing damage to the sidewall hot weather, please confirm whether the tire pressure in the normal range, in order to ensure road safety. At the same time, the correct tire pressure can help improve driving comfort, interior quietness, extend tire life, it Is one of the effective measures to conserve fuel consumption.

B, and wear of wheel alignment parameters

eccentric wear of the tire (commonly known as eating when the tire), basically due to the positioning of the tire caused by abnormal parameters. Please adjust to the dealer.

These are some maintenance considerations tire; tire well maintained, everyday Car Is guaranteed. Do you have any good ideas on thIs? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.