The most useless four major car maintenance, old drivers are caught, do not be a novice pit, really!

With the improvement of living standards, the development of technology, the Car Is very easy to enter into ordinary people’s homes. And for most families, buying a Car Is a very important thing, the same for most families, the owners of Car maintenance Is also a very difficult thing, but Car maintenance, but also in the Car process, an integral part, as we all know, Car maintenance treasure with a lot of ways, it mainly includes the engine system (engine), transmIssion systems, air conditioning systems, cooling systems, fuel systems, power steering systems, etc. coverage. Not only regular maintenance, as well as routine maintenance, routine Car maintenance Is very important. Not only slight effect on the daily maintenance of the vehicle Will cause unnecessary damage and endanger traffic safety. The lubricating oil can cause lack of pull-cylinder bush-burning, a certain part of a vehicle malfunction cited traffic accidents; on the contrary, if the daily work done Carefully, not only make the new vehicle remains constant, while master the technical condition of the various parts of the vehicle, to avoid machinery and traffic accidents.

But you know what? In terms of vehicle maintenance, a lot of people know Is not enough, especially for the novice, Will often do something wrong maintenance, vehicle maintenance for the wrong, not only for the Car useless, it Is worth saying Is that there Is such a Car 4 major maintenance Is the most useless, and even many older drivers Will be caught, do not believe it, see if you caught it?

First, the Car wash oil

The vehicle oil washing, the Car 4S store, they might often hear that our staff cleaning up the oil, may be a lot of people said he was confused. In fact, the so-called oil usually refers to the way oil and gasoline both Road, said oil circuit Is inside the engine, while gasoline Road refers to the fuel system, the various components of the complete works a whole aspect of oil, most of consumers are not exactly professional and technical personnel, so it Is not necessary that a thorough study, in fact, cleaning oil maintenance are not always done. Take the shampoo, the wash a head every day are clean, wash once a week head Is sick, but an hour to wash a head Is not necessary, not only unnecessary, but also cause damage to the hair. Seems to be “love clean”, in fact, completely unnecessary, Is not only unnecessary, because the cleaning agentContains a lot of chemical composition, too frequent washing Will cause great damage to the catalytic converters, resulting in unnecessary damage to the vehicle. Many buy a Car but do not know it Is easy to recruit a novice at the time in the Car to do maintenance.

Second, the maintenance of the tire

Automobile rubber tires has a hIstory of several hundred years invention, the manufacturing process Is also changing , able to withstand all kinds of deformation, moderate level of complex road conditions, to provide basic support for Cars. In general a good situation, each tire can support a vehicle traveling 5,6 million kilometers. But also for the maintenance of tires, in general, simply rinse it, you do not need to Care, but do not do something wrong maintenance, the first one Is driving a Car wash to come back immediately, so the tire Is not Ok. Because just stopped, the tire Is still hot, immediately rinse with cold water to harden the tires more easily and aging. The second myth Is that the tire pressure as high as possible points, can fuel-efficient, insufficient tire pressure, tire sidewall Will be too loose, easily lead to uneven tire wear and increase fuel consumption. Some owners believe that they can increase the tire pressure a little, can help fuel efficient. But if too much inflated tire Will be more vulnerable to external shocks, but also easily lead to uneven wear, more tire temperature increases, the tire pressure to further increase the rIsk of puncture.

Third, the air conditioning sterilization maintenance

sterilized air conditioning maintenance, Car air conditioning system Is to be cleaned, but not too often, proper cleaning of the fuel-efficient Car air-conditioning to keep also have some help, general 4S shop to do thIs sterilized in air conditioning maintenance Is often sprayed with dIsinfectant inside, and he can do, there Is no need to go 4S shop to do such maintenance, cleaning Is recommended once a year. The best time of year for Car air-conditioning in summer Is sterilized, humid summer weather, Will produce water vapor under the air conditioning running state, the water vapor and dust in the air attached to breed bacteria and mold in air conditioning position Evaporator piping, etc. these bacteria Will eventually wind into the Car with air conditioning, a threat to our health. Therefore, the air conditioning in summer and the Car to conduct a thorough dIsinfection Is particularly important.

IV fluid replacement

fluid change, in fact, not only with a long oil Will degenerate invalid, too frequent replacement of the Car Is not good, only to do a regular replacement Car oil, in order to reduce the problems of the Car. There are many metal engine parts rub against each other, fast speed friction, surface roughness, operating temperatures up to 400 ° C-600 ° C. The working conditions are so bad that only qualified lubricants to reduce wear and tear of the engine. In fact, oil Is also divided into many kinds, generally do not recommend frequent fluid change, only mineral oil contains more impurities, poor oil performance, require frequent replacement.