The most useless four major car care, older drivers: did basically silly money!

The most useless four major Car Care, older drivers: did basically silly money!

A lot of people after buying a Car Is certainly to be Carefully cherIshed, it Will also do routine maintenance to the Car, although solid routine maintenance Is important, but it can not be blind operation, especially in the maintenance shop can not lIsten to other people, if they really do not understand, then it can ask around friends understand the Car, in fact, there are many Car maintenance for the Car and of little use. Xiao Bian gave you to tell us about what has been called the most useless Care of it?

The first one Is the most useless tire maintenance. The reason Why thIs Is called the most useless head of maintenance, it Is surely because of thIs maintenance, nothing more than adhering to the dirt to clean up Automobile tires only, although maintenance after completion of the overall look to get the tires are relatively clean, but clean but in fact can not solve the problem of tires, tires because after all, Is a consumable item. The most useless four major Car Care, older drivers: did basically silly money! In the running when tire wear Is very powerful, so we better pay attention to tire pressure maintenance when you can, and Will not spend money wasted.

The second Is the most useless fuel and maintenance. I believe many of the owners time to do routine maintenance to the Car people Will be fooled conduct thIs maintenance process, where the staff Will certainly put thIs one Care how fancy, but in fact nothing more than add gasoline inside only an additive, but its role Is minimal, simply do not have any use, Will only make you no good money.

The third Is the maintenance of filtering and cleaning air conditioning. The owner of the vehicle during routine maintenance when thIs operation Will basically be recommended maintenance personnel. But the fact that we ourselves can be maintained during operation Is very simple, requires only a simple cleaning, you can also spray some dIsinfectant in the air conditioning of the Car, and then wipe it. The cost of such a simple operation, if it Is to make the 4S shop maintenance personnel, then basically chargedTo around 100 dollars. Since they can also operate the maintenance, then the maintenance Carried out if placed 4S shop, be sure it Is spending more money wasted.

The fourth oil passage Is a cleaning and maintenance. When we go in the maintenance of the 4S shop maintenance staff Will certainly look at the Car and said the Car the oil to be cleaned. And no matter how many kilometers you travel, a maintenance staff certainly said to be cleaned up. In fact, I can not fully believe what they say, because after all, Is to make money, so they may also be against us fooled. If we are constantly cleaning the Car oil, it can also damage some of the parts in the Car, so that maintenance for the Car Is not making the plan essential.

four These are the most useless for the Car maintenance, in fact, small series that are called useless maintenance, or else that the maintenance process Is very simple, they would be hands-on, or else for the Car damage Is very great. For more content you have any comments and opinion? Do you think most useless vehicle maintenance as well as what does? Everybody Is welcome to dIscuss the message

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