The most useless car maintenance of several projects, stay in mind, not to be fucked!

With the continuous improvement of the economic conditions, there Is the proportion of Car owners Is increasing, but the saying goes, a Car Is easy to keep a Car difficult, not only need to hand the Car after refueling, maintenance, routine maintenance Is also a big overhead we therefore make money Is not easy to waste money must not be spent, what maintenance project needs to be done, what projects do not need to do. You have to understand, not to be fucked!

“Brother, we have checked your Car over, three, throttle, fuel injectors dirty, affect the quality of your journey, do I cleaned. ” So, do not wash these components in the end to it? The answer Is: No, because cleaning Is also futile. Because, it Is to clean the throttle removed, wipe with a wash of clear lotion to get away. Three-way catalytic wash Is simply does not wash clean, blocked on a new one on the line.

when it comes to Car maintenance project oils we need only oil, filters, lubricants these three items, some sales engine Will recommend to you maintenance package Is actually selling fuel additives, the project did not need to do a lot of coke adhesion and vIscosity, any liquid can not clean up.

Usually a vehicle with only one cooling liquid, but now a kind of “universal type” coolant may be mixed plus! Usually two to three years Will be replaced. If the level found Is low, it can be added on their own. However, if the liquid Is added quickly consumed, you can only go to the repair shop overhaul, and he can not indIscriminate demolition!

Is part of an Automobile tire in direct contact with the ground, easy to wear, some owners Will choose or choose to be a flicker of tire maintenance, in fact, the so-called tire maintenance just wash the tires, then make a tire wax, in addition to look better without any function. Automobile tires, general wear and tear to the limit position or the mileage to 50,000 km Will be changed, no matter how well you maintain useless.

In fact, the so-called air-conditioning maintenance, cleaning air conditioning Is to give you the look, touch technology could give you a serious point spray detergent Han, encounter responsible not even wash wash, completely change the air filter on the bin, because the air conditioning wash or not to wash, the owner simply not awareThat does not affect normal use. We are here to suggestions, you can go to the mall or online to buy a bottle of special cleaning air conditioning cleaning agent, not expensive tens of dollars, according to usage-yourself more peace of mind.