The most useless car maintenance of four projects, to avoid being pit!

more and more people’s income, the proportion of Car owners Is increasing, when to buy a Car how to maintain it’s also a lot of knowledge ,, refueling, maintenance, routine maintenance these are Car essential maintenance projects, can not even spend money to make money Is not easy, and what needs to be done maintenance projects, those projects can not do. The most useless Car maintenance of four projects, to avoid being pit!

1. The deep engine maintenance

depth engine maintenance only hear the name of the time thought it was a project on a tall, in fact, the engine cleaning agent Is added to the engine when the Car a rotation, your 500, there Is no ocean, the effect Is not very obvious, so we went to the maintenance of the time, they only require oil changes , machine filter Is entirely possible

2, tire maintenance many of my friends have experienced tire maintenance, after all the bad tire replacement Is a very troublesome thing children, the most important Is that its value Is also quite expensive. I do not know if you’ve ever seen in person operating or maintenance repair shop shop staff, in fact, when they Carry out thIs operation for the owners, Is simple to clean it again, and then to maintain the tire waxing. Maintenance of such little significance, because the tires are constantly rub the ground every day, waxing and can not relieve thIs friction Is usually recommended that you replace the tires on it about five years, do not deliberately take maintenance measures.

3. The so-called engine maintenance engine depth depth maintenance, in fact, when changing the oil, often put the old oil Is not clean, 4S shop owners Will tell with their washing machine, plus a bottle of oil as long as the cleaning agent can be 100% clean up old oil, but also can effectively remove Carbon deposits, reduce engine noIse and reduce fuel consumption. But owners do not know the fact that the metal debrIs or impurities are generally produced by the engine in operation, when the oil circulation again, the filter Will filter out directly, as long as you regularly replace oil, filter, it Is completely unnecessary to do depth conservation! five, six and a deep conservation, really was hung up flesh ah.

4, sterilized air conditioning maintenance

A lot of people go to the Car wash before the summer, many of its staff would recommend thIs maintenance project, but no doubt the measures they take It Is to spray some dIsinfectant or biocide in the air conditioning system. As long as you’ve seen thIs operation, you Will find yourself able to choose some brand products in network dedicated sterilization among these do not need to spend additional funds. The most useless Car maintenance of four projects, to avoid being pit!