The most useful tools, car care need to do? You Do not be a pit

Nowadays Cars have been into the household, for the 4S shops and users, buying a Car Is by no means one-shot deal, after the Car Is one thing to do every year, that Is – maintenance. And to be replaced during maintenance supplies and oil spare parts and other dazzling, baby today ta father gave you sort out what size those maintenance stuff to be replaced.

In general, a Car maintenance cycle around 10,000 kilometers, do a little maintenance every 10,000 km when full 4-6 ten thousand kilometers later, it Will prompt a major maintenance. Of course, thIs Is not mandatory, and you do not Care if the vehicle does not explode, but certainly more open condition worse. So, you can adjust your driving habits and the number of kilometers shorter maintenance intervals, baby ta father Is recommended if you are a normal daily driving habits and not intense, then it Is a few kilometers maintenance work in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations like, but if you are “exciting Car,” the driver, then it Is recommended that you appropriate to shorten the maintenance cycle.

First Is that the small maintenance items when it! Under normal circumstances, each time a small maintenance just replace the oil filter Is like, where the baby ta father want to emphasize, we try to choose a fully synthetic motor oil in the choice of oil, which has greater stability for the engine lubrication, the role of cooling and other more obvious. Oil label it might be a little Mongolian, usually in the presence of Digital + W + digital form, where W stands for winter (Winter), in front of the W smaller the number, the stronger the resIstance, low temperature resIstance explanation behind the W larger the number, it vIscosity at high temperatures or.

Next, look at the oil filter, the effect of the oil filter Cartridge Is dust, metal particles and other impurities, and extending engine life protection. In general, change the oil and replace the oil filter construction are together, and replace the oil filter of the basic processes easier, so riders often have to buy back their own material replacement operations, where baby ta father to remind yourself to replace the filter friends, we must pay attention and seal machine filter machine filter housing when the installation Is different deduction, etc., or else bear the consequencesEnvIsaged.

In addition to filters, Automotive air filter and air filter as well, but not with each replacement, due to its mounting groove the environment Will not be too bad, it Is generally two years or 20,000 km before the virtual replacement, you only need every time oil service simple with an air gun to blow clean.

above Is the maintenance cycle maintenance and small construction projects in general, sounds simple, but there Is still some learning, but also we need not to overlook it, then a small maintenance Is also to properly completed, so that it can make your Car has a good continuity of the state.

then a large maintenance projects are what it? The first Is to replace the brake pads, as Is the wearing parts, so riders need to always pay attention to friends who own a vehicle brake pads, and now some luxury models with alarm, so do not worry too much. General replacement cycle Is about 40,000 km, more violent if driving habits, then, have to advance a number.

Coolant also needs to be replaced, its main function Is to cool the engine, so that the engine remains in the normal operating temperature, in addition, there antifreeze its scale and corrosion properties of water, so when adding antifreeze must not fill it with water, or even top the scale may clog internal waterways outside the engine housing. When checking the coolant, there Is a scale indicating the capacity of the coolant container, up to max (up), down to min (minimum), you can freely add coolant according reticle.

Further, brake fluid and power steering oil, and both are oil booster pump with the driver and services, in which the engine filler cabin, brake oil oil and water Will separate after prolonged use, causing the boiling point Is not uniform, there Will be a greater braking effect of attenuation. The steering oil also needs to be replaced when major maintenance.

There Is a transmIssion oil, thIs oil also to extend the life of the transmIssion and filling, but there Is a problem that Is, it Is best if the replacement cycleReplace the ring, that had you only need four liters, but have to use eight liters, and the rest Is washed with 4 liters, so the bulk of thIs cost Is the time of major maintenance. Automatic transmIssion fluid replacement cycle Is about 80,000 kilometers, while the manual gearbox oil replacement cycle Is about 120,000 km.

In addition to the above components and fluids, as well as fuel filter, battery and spark plugs need to be replaced, the replacement Is generally directly when a large maintenance i.e. can. Of course, if your vehicle appears ahead of the start shaking and inability to Issues such as non-coking reason, then the appropriate spark plug and the battery needs to be replaced too early.

no one wants your Car can be like your body as perfectly healthy, regular maintenance Is important, for regular maintenance materials and processes Is the top priority, so we must be familiar with your own Car, take good Care of the Car, the Car Will take good Care of you.