The most tasteless of four car care, older drivers are not fooled: Waste of money doing it yourself Is solved

The most tasteless of four Car Care, older drivers are not fooled: Waste of money doing it yourself to solve

for the Car thIs thing, it’s not always time thinking about buying, but then bought always feel it Is too expensive to open and stuck in traffic might as well ride fast. People have to say that the demand for large vehicles, but many Cars Is not high frequency, although thIs was still a steady stream of people to buy a Car! But I believe as long as the oil price Is cheap, maintenance costs are not high, so motorIsts must become very large degree, what traffic jams not Care. I have to say that the Car costs so high a lot of people are afraid to frequent Car, occasionally once or can, but want to reduce the cost of Car, then for maintenance of vehicles, vehicle owners should know that in fact there are four of the most tasteless Car maintenance, older drivers never fooled: Do it yourself can be solved, Why Waste of money!

The first

Is: replace the air filter. Replace the air filter for thIs many owners find it difficult, but in fact thIs operation Is very simple, even if you can not understand the Car Is not difficult hands. Air filter are generally in the co-pilot storage box inside, just need storage bins removed, and then find the location of air conditioning filter replacement click on it. If you do not know how to dIsassemble, you can search on the Internet video installation, a few minutes to replace good!

The second Is: tire maintenance. Tire maintenance Is very simple, it Is a pep to make tire pressure maintained in the normal range, and then clean up the Card with the tire pebbles, very simple and the owners themselves can begin, there Is no need specifically to the 4S shop there wasting money!

The third Is: air cleaning. Air conditioning, cleaning thIs thing Is entirely unnecessary, it Is necessary to replace the air filter on it. If the owners have clean air requirements, you can do it yourself. Yourself clean air only takes a few dollars to buy a bottle of air cleaner, spray near the air conditioning vent inside it, and then open the warm air dry it. Air conditioning inside the dirt Will be dIscharged through the drain hole.

Fourth Is: Automotive coating. For Automotive coating thIs thing, Which many 4S stores Will recommend owners spend coating, because thIs thing can protect the owners from oxidative influence, it has a substantial role. But the toll 4S shop Is too expensive, at every turn Is a thousand. But in fact the film and that they can get involved, because the coating process has been very transparent, and the owner only takes on two thirty to buy a bottle coating sprayed on the Car body wipe evenly. The role of the coating agent has hardened paint, paint to prevent oxidation, and polIshing effect, there are a lot of benefits of paint. Spend money in time things can be solved, if the owners spend hundreds or thousands of pieces to do, it really Is silly!

so that owners in the maintenance of normal Car when four maintenance Is absolutely no need to do, not only tasteless but also a waste of money . If you really want to do, not as good as yourself, not only save money but also convenient.