The most frequent errors vehicle maintenance, which Is four places must pay attention to, otherwIse life Will be shortened

Today improve the quality of life, almost every household to buy a Car, although traffic travel Is convenient, but it adds a lot of trouble in other ways. Each time you use the Car, there Will be wear and tear parts, use a long time, parts need to be replaced. If the replacement Is not timely may make the Car more serious problem, so the Car maintenance Is also very important.

but everyone’s time and vehicle maintenance method Is different, everyone has their own habits. But sometimes some owners ask, I often Carry out maintenance on my Car, Why he was so quick loss. In fact, thIs Is probably because you have excessive maintenance, maintenance or fall into error, to perform the “Car crash” behavior caused. Next we look at what it destroyed the Car of Car maintenance.

1. washing

each road Cars Will always be dirt dust burst dirty, especially for the Car of people who simply could not understand the Car has dirt, so frequent washing. But in fact you only see the surface of the Car Is clean, and each time washing Will cause some damage to the Car surface. Because the wax layer comes just bought Car, not only to increase the brightness may also protect the paint appearance. If you often fade easily with a brush, mop Car wash Car wax and other items. We suggest that you usually wash the Car for two months just once.

2. Oil

each have a small Car partner Will be faced with the problem of changing the oil, and may there are a lot of 4S shop owners Will lIsten to the words, to replace it once every 5,000 km oil, but in fact there Is no need. Because you are using a semi-synthetic oil requires about 7000 km fully synthetic oil if the approximately 10,000 km can be. And now there are some sinIster business Will add less oil to make a profit, so when we must pay attention to add oil.

3. Engine

Car engine Is the most important part, where the maintenance and cleaning water Is not recommended, But with a cleaning agent. Because the kinds of insurance lines engine compartment fire-prone parts of water, and once with water damaged inside the Car need to overhaul the system, the end may not hold the Car.

4-vehicle device optionally added

Many people are free to add equipment in the Car, whether for comfort or appearance, especially the center console of the Car said to be reflective pad maintenance Is better. Center console prevent exposure to direct sunlight, but in fact reflective pad Is likely to cause bodily harm. Because usually airbags’ll be here when the danger Will protect the personal safety, but reflective pad position Is likely to lead to an airbag can not be ejected, and finally result in incalculable damage.

or more of these four wrong way of maintenance hope that we must remember, not only on the Car even better, for their personal safety Is also guaranteed oh. Remember it?