The how tire maintenance? Old driver rule of thumb: do these points, more durable

In fact, the tire Is in direct contact with the ground, so people also need regular maintenance, that the tires should be how to maintain it? Today’s older drivers the opportunity to share with you, so many years of keeping a Car experience, I hope to be able to properly Care for their Car.

First, vehicle maintenance tires, we must remember to check tire wear, so it’s timely to exclude security rIsks. If the tire tread has worn particularly serious, thIs time on the need to replace the tires, the tire Is running on a variety of road, Is likely to get stuck on some of the pebbles, or were slashed on some nails, these circumstances we can not overlooked, the view must be timely, if you encounter such a situation Car tires have been damaged particularly serious, we need to replace the tires.

The second Is sure to remember to check tire pressure regularly the case, because, due to the different temperatures of the tire pressure Is very important in summer and winter, it’s it change in the air pressure value Is different, it Is normally as long as the increase in the winter value, otherwIse if a low pressure with a long time, then the hub Is deformed, when the situation Is likely to rollover occurs. If the tire pressure Is too high, then there Will be a possibility of a puncture, so that the tire pressure Is not too high nor too low value, try to keep within the 2.5 value.

The final step Is to check the tires have no drum kits circumstances, there Is the case of drum kits, which also shows that there Is a possibility of a puncture, drum kit tires are not must be timely replacement can continue to use for the job, not everyone could get hIs own life a joke, once the situation there was a puncture, the vehicle Is likely to occur very serious accident.