The four most useless car maintenance, easy to be fooled, you have not been to see the pit?

Fuel Additives

The main components of the fuel additive Is a mixture of alcohols or amines, and mineral oil Is added, the additive does have a clean fuel effect, but the practical effect of such additives Is minimal, because the amount of such additives Will not be great, and great adhesion coke and gum ingredients and the vIscosity, thIs liquid flowing alone Is completely achieve the role of the

as Automobile road maintenance regimen, method LO, not only live longer, but also to people usually maintain a good mental state, but in the wrong way , the effect may be the opposite.

fuel filter

brother, your Car opened more than 30,000 kilometers, and the fuel filter changed ah, too dirty. In fact, fuel filter 4s shop maintenance staff really did not say so squeamIsh, compared to 10 years ago and now oil has been very good, open a 5,6 ten thousand kilometers and back no problem. However, if you find leaks and the like, it must be replaced.

When buying a Car, in addition to our focus on design, comfort and dynamic performance, of course, Is the most important maintenance problems. After the purchase, maintenance can be described as a top priority, but in doing maintenance, project so much, and sometimes people really have no choice, if to be a full maintenance, but also a bit wasted, after all, each project Is required work costs and material costs

tire maintenance

of the tire Is part of an Automobile in direct contact with the ground, easy wear, some owners Will choose or choose to be a flicker of tire maintenance, in fact, the so-called tire maintenance Is just wash the tires, then make a tire wax, in addition to look better without any function. When Automobile tires, general wear and tear to the limit position (away from the groove depth of about 6mm, the middle Will generally tread wear indicator) or the mileage to 50,000 km Will be changed, no matter how well you maintain useless.

clean air

In many maintenance shop 4SThIs one Will have air conditioning, cleaning projects, so many people feel that air cleaning Is a must do item. But the 4S shop called air cleaning Is very simple to use detergent wash. In fact, for cleaning of air conditioning, you can do it yourself. Strong hands even replace the air filter can do yourself.

most of the owners of their own to buy a new Car are Care a plus, make a wax today, tomorrow plating a crystal, can not wait every day to wash shiny Car, but the Car maintenance Is often some mIsunderstanding. Many owners hesitate to pay big bucks to excessive maintenance Car, but that a few more of thIs maintenance Is useless, you absolutely do not need to do it.