The following three kinds of car care too frequent, costly not effect? Many novice drivers in the move!

The following three kinds of Car Care too frequent, costly not effect? Many novice drivers in the move!

A lot of people after buying a Car, have said the time had wanted to buy a Car Is too simple, I did not expect the Car after the start gave brought a lot of problems themselves, even some people even say that they almost could not afford to keep a Car. ThIs Is because after our Car to start, not like our washing machine and other objects, like, has been used it Is not, but half-way many times must also be maintained, otherwIse it Will reduce its service life. But some maintenance projects Is also very unnecessary, but we understand enough of it.

First, the first one kind of program Is not necessary to maintain air cleaning. It may be respected 4s shop in the project maintenance when we are all telling us that if we do not clean the air conditioner, then the air conditioning cooling system Will have some impact, and probably there Will be odor in the process of hair , Will generate a lot of people after hearing thIs information also said that after the money not as a problem to solve, but it Is very irritable.

In fact, thIs insurance program Is not necessary, even if they help us clean, just a rough position of the air inlet and so clean. Such a learning for us, it Is also to be completed. Three kinds of Car maintenance too frequent, costly not effect? Many novice drivers in the move! So nothing Is necessary to 4s shops to spend money to clean up, although they have to waste some time to clean up, but that she got the idea to clean up may be more cautious.

The first two kinds of tire maintenance project Is to Carry out maintenance. In fact, many people do not know the tires also need maintenance, usually directly Will be renewed when there Is a problem, but there are some owners Will choose to tire maintenance. The main cause Is the tires wear during use, the tire buffing and waxing, then looks relatively new number. But we are such a part after wear, can be said that there Is no wear and tear after a very normal way to recover it, the only renewal Is Carried out directly after use worn. In fact, after playing only waxIs the appearance look more bright some say the real usefulness Is not so high. So we Care when there Is no need to be specific maintenance work.

A third item Is the depth of the conservation of the engine. We all know that our Car engine parts considered among the very core of the device, as long as thIs part goes bad, the other components at the same time Is likely to be implicated affected. Useless Car maintenance still do? ThIs Is a home with mine? Save it, and money not effect! So thIs Is very serious about conservation, but frequently conservation can only be counterproductive.

In fact, our engine can not be too frequent at the time of conservation, can not fail to Care, as long as the right amount of maintenance performed on it, such as clean-depth security the project Is not very necessary, but there are times when such a device Will be dIsmantled down to clean parts Will cause a great impact. I do not know what you think there Is no need to do maintenance projects