The first lesson novice white car maintenance, rest assured to me!

Novice often do not understand what the project includes maintenance, the following can easily help novices quickly grasp the main points of projects and routine maintenance, hoping to help you.

vehicle maintenance booklet

vehicle driving 5,000 to 7500km (normal use 7500km , using harsh and dusty areas 5000km) or driving time has come to six-month maintenance project:

1 replace the engine oil, oil filter, clean-up air filter.

2 Check battery conditions and speaker lighting system.

and the freezing point of the liquid level 3 check antifreeze, cleaning the radiator surface.

4 Check brake system for leakage, whether the friction plate in a predetermined thickness.

5 check engine belt wear, adjustment of the belt tensioner when necessary.

Check the transmIssion 6, propeller shaft, universal joints and damage the sheath or absence of permeability.

Light checking

vehicle each with 000 to 15000km or with more than one year of maintenance items:

replace the fuel filter 1, the air cleaner.

2 Check clutch stroke, the lower steering arm clearance ball, and the extent of the dust cover fixing.

3 Check tire tread depth, the tire pressure, tire wear, wheel alignment, if necessary.

check the throttle 4, the idle valve Is too dirty, clean, if necessary.

5 check the spark plug condition, if necessary, replacement, cleaning nozzle for demolition.

6 checks steering, braking systems and the Automatic transmIssionSituation.

7 detects the braking force, the speed, the steering Is normal.

8 parts of the entire vehicle related lubrication.

to keep a Car

ThIs maintenance Is Carried out at 5000 to 7500km maintenance items on the basIs of

each vehicle travel 60,000 km or two years, except for the maintenance of the above, must also replace the brake fluid, engine timing belt, and Automatic transmIssion oil filter, and check the pump.