The first car maintenance need any maintenance? Need to pay attention to what?

a lot of newcomers are the first to buy a Car, so for the first insurance knowledge Is not really understand, just know that the first insurance free, the Car to the sale on the line, in fact, there Is also a lot of learning it!

Now many 4S stores have to send the first insurance, so the choice or to the 4S shop, but sent the first insurance with 100% of the original oil Is the most well make up the difference to change high-end full synthetic oil. If you do not send the first insurance 4S shop, then you could choose a little fly in the garage, of course, the premIse Is to fly. First online to see how the store’s reputation, then take a look at fees, charges not pay attention to the cheaper the better, but reasonable.

due to the increasing number of vehicles, each 4S shops aftermarket workshop often “full of Cars,” suggesting that the 4S shop to do the best to make an appointment in advance before the first insurance, often without an appointment outside the shop to wait for a long time are not on the team. Secondly, when the first insurance do remember to bring user manual traffic such as thIs. We can also put some of the problems usually encountered in driving or failure to tell the staff, they better check thIs.

Furthermore, the first security detection or with a lot of items, such as the replacement of oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter; Automotive coolant level checking whether the predetermined position; longitudinal inspection of vehicle light Is complete; check tire pressure and wear, according to a predetermined screw tightening torque of the tire, tire pressure within the vehicle to replenIsh a predetermined value, a tire according to the wear; check power steering oil tanks for compliance , each pipe inspection system interfaces for any oil leakage phenomenon, and so on.

[12Objective 3] Automotive vehicle maintenance Is kept clean and tidy, the normal state of the art, to eliminate rIsks, prevention of malfunction, slow degradation processes, extend the life cycle. First insurance time Is generally based Kilometers or time Is running, are generally the first insurance Is shorter than the period of post-maintenance, usually the first insurance Is 5000 km or six months, of course, there are many high-end Cars first Baoding in 10000 km a year, truck-mounted concrete can look at the included manual or maintenance manual, the above Will write some yo ~

good opportunity]

Overall, the Car Is the first contact with the first insurance Car maintenance, and also a the opportunity to increase the feelings of hIs own Car. Watch their Car being taking Care of my heart Is still pretty cool. Home insurance Is very simple, I remember looking through the manual and maintenance manual advance, certainly not all shining to go wrong friends – above

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