The first car maintenance, maintenance projects are what need do you know?

for the first time Car maintenance, which require maintenance projects do you know?

has been all over the Car, the Car it has become a means of transport in our lives, in fact, that vehicle maintenance Is also important. Well, today Xiaobian go and see the Car for the first time maintenance projects which have maintained it.

1. Tires

tire Is actually to check tire wear, in addition to thIs you want to check. There Is a Car’s air pressure. If the pressure Is insufficient, we Will need to go to a professional repair shop to check out.

2. clutch pedal

Automotive manual transmIssion, a clutch pedal Is the essential part. And we usually travel in, their use Is very frequent, so the maintenance of the clutch pedal Is a must, must not neglect. If in the normal driving, the height of the clutch pedal Is not a comfortable state, it would go to a professional repair shop to repair the.

3. lights

lights on Automobiles there are many, such that light, emergency light further there trunk lights. These lamps are usually frequently used, so these lights are to be checked.

4. Wiper

wiper on we must use the windshield in the rain, and wiper problem usually occurs, that Is, the position of the wiper of the way. Another problem Is that sometimes when not cleaning spray cleaning agent, so the wipers when these problems, but also need to check to avoid causing unnecessary trouble.

5. Replace the launch from oil

General Car after using for some time, you need to change a the new engine oil up. The purpose Is to give a normal CarThe power output and driving.

6. Various liquid on the Car

on the Car you want to add the liquid in fact there are many, such as a windshield cleaning fluid, engine coolant, brake fluid and the like. These are also the need to Carefully check whether normal use.

7. first Automobile maintenance time

There Is a Car for the first time last maintenance, thIs Is quite a key Issue. In fact, generally speaking, when a Car drove three months time, you can go almost the maintenance. But generally Is not fixed, because in addition to the problems of thIs time, and the other Is a few kilometers the Car Is also a key factor, older drivers should know, usually several kilometers to 5,000 kilometers, it Is to be maintained, so once these two conditions account for one point, you can go to the Car maintenance.

vehicle maintenance Is also very important, we understand these maintenance later, I believe we go next time when maintenance Will not be blinded.