The car tire maintenance tips, you usually pay attention to it?

we are more and more vehicles, but also many people and Cars on the road, I did not expect that you come across an accident that occurred a terrible thing. So tires in daily use also needs maintenance, if a puncture occurs, the consequences could be dIsastrous. I share their exchanges with you How to maintain the tire ~~~~~~ Welcome to explore together.

First: Avoid road potholes

Since we can not determine the road conditions, but we can decide what way to go, way beneath their feet, see the following in the road, in addition to look at two, that you must avoid. If you encounter a maintenance road construction, rugged road, I do not say that the two sections should be put on hold by the use of low-speed, hitting the tire and the road surface mitigate, avoid damage to parts and tires, of course, can not bear away to avoid the rIsk of!

Second: cleaning the foreign matter periodically check the tire

to develop a regular habit remove foreign bodies inside the tire. When the vehicle Is traveling on the road, there Is often some stones to squeeze inside the tire tread caught. These stones if not removed, over time it Is possible to puncture the tire, causing a puncture or leak. Time danger lurking in the nuances.

Third: master tire pressure

must be done at any time check the tire pressure of habit. But the pressure to extend tire life of the key. The information I found was: tire pressure regularly exceed 20% of the normal air pressure, tire life Will be reduced by 10%; 30% if often lower than normal air pressure, tire life Will decrease by 52%, and prone to burst Carcass .

Fourth: wheel alignment “to remember”

Is preferably checked once every 20,000 km; to reduce as four alignment parameters changes affect abnormal wear of a vehicle tire; the vehicle Is overloaded or through bad road, check to special stores, do not becauseAs freeloaders, lead to dIsaster! Also to be avoided because of abnormal wear of wheel alignment parameter changes affect the vehicle’s tires.

Fifth: To replace the worn tires

If the depth of the tread groove close to 1.6 mm, preferably replace the tire; If the rear tire aging cracks, it’s best to replace the tires, or rIsk factor Will increase a lot.

landlord, there are other suggestions for you, hope that the landlord, including thIs post to see friends attention, good tire maintenance, responsible for their own, Is also responsible for other people:

first of all, can not start too much , (if you do not hurry to be born then) to avoid frequent use of the brakes and emergency brakes, tires and so as to avoid dragging the ground accelerated tread wear; there Is the face of broken glass or other foreign matter can not be avoided, we must remember to slow down through, do not slam the brakes to avoid pressure increases, tie into the tire.

Secondly, strict control of a load applied to the tire, prohibiting overload .

Further, to avoid parked on Coarse, pointed or sharp gravel road, to avoid petroleum products, acids and other approaches or contacts impact local deterioration of rubber materials. But as I think you still know the landlord, who Is nothing specifically to destroy the Car ah!

as Is often said: a vehicle to “third repair, seven support”, do not wait until there has been a failure to repair before opening. To be safe, never see my reminder Oh! Above are my lessons learned in recent years, there are problems, I wanted to be able you to further exchanges! Like it a point like thIs, please do not like drifting away immediately.