The best time to the car maintenance, do not be fooled 4S personnel, maintenance advance!

the best Car maintenance time to understand it? 4S shop also obediently lIsten to rhetoric? Do not be silly!

number of Cars increasing competition in the Automotive sector has also undergone tremendous changes, more and more people become Car owners. I believe we all have the same problem. Some people Will always be for luxury Cars, 4s shop early to say good maintenance of the engine.

As we all know, the first time Is free of maintenance, but maintenance manual clearly advIsed Is 10,000 km maintenance. So there Is no need for maintenance to the Car ahead? Under normal circumstances the normal use of the Car, there Is not much need to Carry out maintenance to the Car in advance, so that the advance vehicle maintenance Is not necessary. 4s shop staff reason to call ahead to make your Car maintenance, their goal Is to make you as soon as possible to shorten the time interval between the maintenance of regular maintenance. ThIs time do not be 4s shop staff to flicker, then the correct Car maintenance time should be how long?

First, the replacement of oil. We all know that oil can lubricate the engine, thereby reducing the friction between the parts, so also known as oil lubricants. Car maintenance and replacement of oil Is based on the number of kilometers to set. Synthetic motor oil or synthetic oil Is better esterification of about 10,000 km maintenance time under normal circumstances. The best time to the Car maintenance, do not be fooled 4S personnel, maintenance advance! Best Car maintenance time to understand it? 4S shop also obediently lIsten to rhetoric? Do not be silly! Mineral oil for 5000 km semIsynthetic a maintenance time Is the best.

Second, Car 4 and filtered. Air filter, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter Automotive filter 4. In general fuel filter maintenance cycle Is relatively long, generally about 30,000 kilometers when you can Carry out maintenance. The oil filter can be replaced, air filter replacement cycle Is about 10,000 or six months, but in the air filter about 20,000 km time replaced at about 500 km to 100 km time.

Third, Automobile wax. Many people are thIs Car washAutomobile dirty surface could not stand the Car wash Will be. As long as the degree of surface dirty Car does not conflict with their own psychological bottom line Is to not wash, probably a month Will not wash. The best time to wash the Car should be 3 to 4 weeks wash, Car wax and also has a certain period, the best time Is four months or so once. Because often cause the paint to dry Car wax Will produce wrinkles, Auto body damage Is very large.

for vehicle maintenance Is necessary, but should be based on the best time to Carry out maintenance, can not lIsten to the rhetoric 4s shop staff. They Will not call you for no reason, so you go to 4s shops to Car maintenance, the purpose Is to let you shorten vehicle maintenance time and earn more money from your hand. We must choose the best time for Car maintenance, thIs Car Is the best, and vehicle maintenance costs Will be reduced.