The basic car maintenance project What? Size and maintenance are like thIs!

[master Car: Car maintenance] Is the most important part of the engine Car, the Car Is the “heart.” Not only in the road daily in the rational use of the engine, but also on regular maintenance and engine maintenance. Then the Car engine basic maintenance, what does?

a, regular oil: engine oil lubricant, can play the role of lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing, less wear on the engine and the like, but also engine “blood.” For a long time without replacing the oil can cause serious engine parts wear and reduce engine life. The manufacturer recommends replacement every five thousand or ten thousand kilometers. So in terms of selection to choose a good quality oil.

Second, the periodic replacement of three filter: three filter means Is an air filter, oil filter and fuel filter. Three filter can provide the engine performance filters impurities, protect the engine, but also can improve the working efficiency of the engine. In the same three filter usual routine maintenance cycle oil.

Third, the power steering fluid: Power steering fluid direction of the oil commonly known to regularly check for leaks or significant abnormal sound. Electronic power models belong to the maintenance-free, so do not replace the direction of the oil. Maintenance cycle direction of the oil Is about sixty thousand kilometers.

Fourth, the brake fluid: Brake traffic safety Is very important, the brake fluid having strong water absorption, moIsture in the air can be Automatically absorbed. Therefore, to regularly check the brake fluid level, lower than the standard value to be added or replaced promptly.

V. Coolant: Coolant Is to ensure the normal engine operation, to regularly check whether the coolant level in the standard value, periodically check the coolant leaks pot, with an average a year Will need to be replaced once the coolant. Coolant how to add?

VI battery: the battery Is used to ensure that the engine can be started normally, to check the viewing window in the upper portion of the battery “electric eye” color Is green. Battery life Is generally about two years, in cold weather situations life may be shorter.

Master Summary: The life of the engine not only depends on its durability, the owner usually depends on howReasonable engine maintenance and repair. But not excessive maintenance, maintenance too often but Will extremes meet.